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    Recommend one (1) track

    Artist: The Smiths Title: There Is A Light That Never Goes Out Album: The Queen is Dead (1986) Morrissey and Marr, one of the greatest songwriting duos of all time, at their best INgXzChwipY
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    What Genre(s) of Music Are Thes?e I know that they're sountracks and orchestral as well (I think) but can you be more specific please?
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    Advice on Buying a Record Player

    Hey. Right, recently I've really been getting into listening to vinyls and stuff like that, and so I've been thinking about buying a record player or turntable for myself. Unfortunately, my self proclaimed title of 'music lover' really doesn't reflect my knowledge on record players, and so, I...
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    What do you hate most about Youtube

    Vevo. I immensely dislike Vevo
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    Can you help me identify this song?

    It's a song by Madlib, no idea what the track name is, though. The first few lines are: I used to wake up in the morning and listen to old records early in the 80s Before most ******s were shady I can't make out the next lines sadly
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    Past Papers!
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    Most Soothing Video Game Song

    FVqh7uiDgK4 iHDFwRoiP4Q
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    List your favorite guitarists.

    Johnny Marr Jonny Greenwood
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    Heart-achingly beauiful music

    Boards of Canda are amazing. Probably one of the greatest electronic bands/duos out there. But, if you want beautiful music then there's probably no electronic musician out there who does it better than Daedelus. His Musique Concrete works are truly mind blowing. It's hard to narrow it down to...
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    Hacking CycloDS site and forums down for extended period. Now what?

    All I want from them is a fix/patch for Last Window....
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    Gaming Last Window: The Secret of Cape West is oouut!!!!!

    Finally! I've been waiting for this game since it came out in Japan
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    Super Mario All-Stars revival hitting Japanese shores

    I bet the soundtrack CD will only have a few selected tracks from each game
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    First console(s) you ever owned?

    Sega Mega Drive II and a Game Gear....good times, good times
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    Gaming DS Games of the Month: September 2010

    Last Window: The Secret of Cape West (the sequel to Hotel Dusk: Room 215) is coming on September 17th (in Europe). That definitely deserves to be mentioned, in my opinion
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