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    Suspicious login attempts begin to plague Switch owners, Nintendo to investigate

    What I think may be happening as well is people using skeleton keys. If a password is difficult but is used on a site that becomes compromised it will not doubt end up in a shared password list. I doubt its a flaw in their website or information assurance practices. Out of all console...
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    Suspicious login attempts begin to plague Switch owners, Nintendo to investigate

    Criminals are getting into these accounts more frequently due to a very high demand for the Switch currently in the US paired with the Animal Crossing Release. They can sell the accounts with specific games or sell the accounts with the CC attached which will net them a higher amount. It is also...
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    Hacking Team Xecuter delay for the Coronavirus in China ?

    It’s these people that think they can make a quick profit, these are all over local online marketplaces near me for $425, these people are hoarding them like TP creating a “shortage” it’s really just scalpers drying up local stores. There’s a global pandemic but people still can’t wait to profit...
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    Hacking TX announces testing phase for SX CORE and SX LITE mods

    The scene reference part of the application would kill me. I work with a small electrical engineering business here in the Midwest and I’m a consultant in the IT industry full time. Pretty serious about working with this chip, if anyone can assist with the reference part let me know, I’ll be...
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    Switch Web Browser Now Easily Accessible with Homebrew

    Now just want to throw in with autorcm you will only need to use the rcm jig one time, that's its. Not a continuous need.
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    Hacking Discussion SX OS 3.0 coming soon

    Entitled os an understatement lol, I follow a deals website and every post about switches brings out people that want to get unpatched units. For "homebrew" of course lol.
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    Hacking Discussion Maybe this can get us unbanned but I'm not sure...

    Facebook sponsored deal, mine came from the retailer beachcamera. Brand new with a one year warranty. They may have more so just keep your eyes peeled!
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    Hacking Discussion Maybe this can get us unbanned but I'm not sure...

    New switches have been as low as $179 no tax recently thats how I got my patched unit.
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    Waiting a few weeks when swap magic and flip tops were around would have been a miracle! I thought a few months on these products was pretty normal, but maybe things have changed a lot. While I'm off topic does anyone know who was actually behind the creation of swap magic?
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    Online shopping for modchips has changed dramatically since ps2 says. I had to wait 2 freaking months when swap magic was first released. Maybe there were not as many message boards back then but I didn't see a whole lot of where the *@&#; is my *#*,$&#*;
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    Hacking 5.01 exploit PoC

    I had a 4.55 slim and pro, got rid of both and will eventually buy a fully updated system for online I couldn't justify staying offline I enjoy online play.
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    Hacking 4x Ps4 Pros 4.55 Target Stock

    I'll do that I got them on sale too so cost would be around $375 plus shipping.
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    Hacking 4x Ps4 Pros 4.55 Target Stock

    I thought I could help someone out, bought s slim and pro both 4.55 set them up, and attempted to sell them at cost even throwing in a sandisk wireless USB, just really wanted to try the exploit, now I have 2 boxed up consoles I'll have forever! Tried craigslist but everyone wants to tell you...
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    Hacking [Suggestion] PS4 Bundles & Firmware List

    Ps4 pro us target. Serial MC96945xxxx 4.55
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    Gaming Do you think there will be a PS4 price drop in 2018

    Holiday season and price matching there were ample opportunities at target for a ps4 slim 1TB below $160, and for PS4 Pro you could get one for about $300 if you had a Meijer in your state or from target about $320.
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