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    The Ocarina of Time decompilation project is complete, source code fully reverse engineered

    here's to hoping this project won't get taken down.
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    Homebrew Safe to enable DNS? I'm cautiously curious to know if it's safe to enable DNS after modding Wii U. I'm using CBHC and after I got modding to work, I noticed how there's a system update that isn't working in Download Management...
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    A not so remembered game that means a lot to you.

    There was one SpongeBob title that I feel like it hasn't gotten enough appreciation yet. I grew up playing "Creature From The Krusty Krab" on GameCube long ago as a kid. It was a Christmas present I got at that age and I still cherish it to this day. Even replaying it in my adulthood days do I...
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    Bug Fables - anyone ever hear about this game?

    Yeah I've heard about it. Haven't picked it up yet because I can't decide if I want it on PC or Switch. Looks cool.
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    Which did you liked more: Sonic Generations for PC or 3DS?

    Haven't played Generations in a long time, but I mostly played it on Steam just for the mods obviously. I also own it on Xbox 360 before. Never tried out the 3DS one and I dunno if I ever wanna try it. Looks boring to me, but who knows? I might try it one day if I feel like it.
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    Do you unplug your console from the wall when not playing it?

    The only console that I've left unplugged for a long time is my PlayStation 2. Nowadays it's just sitting on a shelf in my basement never being used. I did leave my Xbox 360 unplugged for a while, but that's so I can make renovations for my bedroom. Besides that, I just leave my consoles plugged in.
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    Honestly, I didn't want to make this account. I'm only using it to ask a question that I couldn't find anywhere else on here. Not sure if I'll use it for anything else, but whatever. Nice to meet you folks!
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