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    Translation Digimon Story - Lost Evolution : English Dubbed Translation and Other Hacks

    The patch is a fake, it's really doesn't work - the game still in Japanese after patching. Eng Isso_Non_Ecxiste, please, make a correct patch.
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    Hacking Paper Mario (Europe) N64 Wii VC - unable to extract ROM (wrong file size)

    I have a problem extracting Nintendo 64 VC (Europe) playable ROM - extracted romc file impossible to uncompress using standard Plombo's script from his vcromclaim project or even using forked (enhanced) version of this utility by JanErikGunnar (Ogre Battle 64 bug fixed). I'm experienced...
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    Hacking PC Engine Wii VC ROMs - unable to correctly extract

    Thanks! It's working for me now, just like a magic! Now I just need to reconvert almost 160 files using this small utility...:sad:
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    Hacking PC Engine Wii VC ROMs - unable to correctly extract

    I have a problem extracting PC Engine / TGX-16 ROMs - extracted *.PCE files seems to be kind of encrypted or compressed and doesn't feet to normal No-Intro or GoodPCE ROMs. I'm experienced well in extraction Sega Master System and Sega Mega Drives ROMs - there were any problem for me. The main...
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