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    Hacking RELEASE Sigpatches for Atmosphere (Hekate, fss0, fusee & package3)

    is the one above and the OP the same patches?
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    Sony has launched a new publishing label for PC ports

    Because theres no backward compatibility on ps4, they should release ps3 games on pc.
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    'God of War' lands on PC in January

    i hope they also include all the gow installments.
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    Homebrew [NDS] Forwarder CIAs for your HOME Menu

    thanks, im now enlightened. im just going to replace those files and stop recreating forwarders when theres a template update from now on. damn im super silly
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    Homebrew [NDS] Forwarder CIAs for your HOME Menu

    oh i see... those are the sdcard.nds, nds-bootstrap-release.nds/ini files right?
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    Homebrew [NDS] Forwarder CIAs for your HOME Menu

    thats a relief before... i thought i need to keep creating new forwarder when theres template update, cuz i thought it may contain some additional features or fixes. btw, im just curious what specifically it is (the template) that you keep on updating?
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    Homebrew [NDS] Forwarder CIAs for your HOME Menu

    just wanna ask if do we need to remake the nds forwarder everytime theres an template update on the current forwarder3-ds 2.9.6?
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    Hacking Rebug Rex 484.2? Cobra 8.3?

    seriously about habib? damn thats sad... :-(
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    Hacking Rebug Rex 484.2? Cobra 8.3?

    just curious if rebug team is no more active? anyone knows?
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    ROM Hack [Release] Ultimate GBA VC Injector for 3DS

    Thats outdated... Latest is beta 28...
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    EA has been hacked, suffering a data breach and stolen source code

    when the power of VPN kicks in they will find no suspects.
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    Tutorial Master Tutorial - PSN Activation on All Firmwares! All Methods - Detailed Step by Step

    Just a question here. Normally, exploited ps4 game save that exported using exploit cannot be imported to a vanilla (not hacked) ps4. Otherwise if game back up have original keystone, it will work on a vanilla ps4. Right? My question is... if we use this tutorial for offline activation (using a...
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    Square Enix unveils two new Final Fantasy mobile games, one of which is a remake of FFVII

    This is the real classic remake. But i hope the Ever Crisis is not an online game since online games shut down their servers few years after. If they release a game compilation, it should be future proof and always available for everybody to play without the need of being always online. Maybe...
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