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    Hacking AKAIO 1.5 Released

    Just ordered the card last week. Man you guys rock! I too thought you were dead...I guess that labels me as a noob Long live AKAIO!
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    Hacking Trimming feature.

    From what I understand (and I could be wrong) this is not quite true. The reason it breaks the wifi is because some roms use that empty space after you have accessed the game. The trimmer does it's job by trimming the zero space but the game needs some of it later on and when it's not there, it...
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    Hacking Looking for a new Flashcard

    Normmatt said in this thread that he and Smith will no longer support it. So unless they gave the work to someone else, we are out of luck with AKAIO.
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    Hacking Looking for a new Flashcard

    I would go with the M3i Zero seeing as AKAIO will not be supported any longer.
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    Hacking Any future Official or AKAIO Updates?

    Read if for yourself here Normatt said himself that it's abandoned. Look at his says FORMER AKAIO programmer. Back to the official firmware.
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    Hacking Where can I find the latest Cheat.Dat File??

    Just need a little help here guys...I know there is a member who has a constantly updated cheat.dat file in his signiture. can you point me in the right direction? Thanks a lot.
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    Gaming Zelda HAS been dumped!!!

    You know where to look. All Nighter Here I Come!!!!
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    Hacking Pokemon Diamond XML for R4 Cheaters!

    You can find the pearl codes from CodeJunkies. I think this is the one with 143
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    Hacking Pokemon Diamond XML for R4 Cheaters!

    I think that cheating in this game will ruin the gameplay for me. So I choose not to cheat. However, I know that some of you are dying to get your hands on the codes for this game. Well here they are. Just upload to your usrcheat.dat file...
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    Hacking Can Someone Link Me to the PSP Skins??

    I need some different colors and I can't find the link anywhere. Thanks!
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    Hacking Pokemon D/P has been dumped!!!!

    Just wanted to let you know. If you are on this forum, you know where to look for it. Want proof? Check the home page.
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    Hacking Post your usrcheat.dat files here!!

    I opened an xml (in notepad) from one I knew worked (from codejunkies) and the one that didn't work. I just made them look identical execept of course for the codes. This works pefectly.
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    Hacking Post your usrcheat.dat files here!!

    I took bfoos usrcheat file with all of the US EU and JP codes and added cheats for Custom Robo and a few for Metroid. You can find it here:
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    Hacking Post your usrcheat.dat files here!!

    I created this thread for people to come and get updated usrcheat.dat files. In case you don't know, a cheat function was added as of firmware 1.08. usrcheat.dat files are custom cheat files that the r4 can read. Please, if you've updated your usrcheat.dat file, upload it on a file hosting site...
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    Hacking Question about 1.08 Firmware

    Is this an R4 exclusive or will it come out for the M3 DS Simply as well? Also, I haven't seen anyone discuss the new kernal. How is it working for all of you R4 owners? If you haven't got the new firware you can find it here:
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