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    Gaming The 50 Best Freeware Games

    Im suprised no one mentioned mugen
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    Homebrew 3D ds homebrew?

    I feel like that could actully be possible
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    Homebrew Counter Strike Nintendo DS

    Now thats amazing! \
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    Homebrew retroarch complete zip

    Hey so Ive been wanting to get retroarch on my wii u for a while but the recent stabel, nightly or from the homebrew app store wont work properly ive looked online and it seems like you need to combine the stable and the nightly and drag asstes from retroarch pc. So I was wondering does anyone...
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    Homebrew 3D ds homebrew?

    wow thats impressive I tried and its pretty clunky but still rlly impressive
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    Homebrew 3D ds homebrew?

    Thanks! Id tried doom but will check the rest!
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    Homebrew can wup installer gx brick?

    I've been using wup installer gx to download a lot of forwarders, injected vc games and the like and remembered that there is some risk to downloading things to system nand on an original Wii and was wondering if there's any risk using wup installer gx to install to system nand? (considering...
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    Homebrew 3D ds homebrew?

    I've just noticed how cool some of the 3d ds homebrew (not like with 3ds as in 3d platformer) is I've seen the early build of counter strike and Mario 64 for dsi and was wondering if anyone knew of some other homebrew like this?
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    Homebrew Wii DVD Support - from Disc Channel

    im aware of wii mc but havent tried it out yet dont most dvds with copy protection not work or something tho?-
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    Retroarch or standalones?

    I just enjoy using standalone!!
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    Homebrew USBLoader GX not working / showing up with games

    I dont dont do a ton of stuff with usb loader gx and the like cuz I use my wii on my crt and my wii u is for that sort of thing. But I do remember having a lot of trouble with usb loader gx if you can have a look at some alternatives like wii flow!
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    Homebrew Wii DVD Support - from Disc Channel

    Awesome ive wanted to watch dvds on my wii for ages!
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    Homebrew 32x emulation is now on Wii

    Cool theres a lot of fun 32x games id like to play on wii one of the most fun things (for me) about emulation on wii is playing on a crt
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    Homebrew Counter Strike Nintendo DS

    really late comment but this is crazy impressive I wish people still made more ds homebrew
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