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    1. Safo
      Hi, I noticed you're trying to edit your XCX save as well. I'm a complete noob to Wii U hacking and would like to edit my save file. How do I proceed? I managed to get into Loadiine but have no clue what to do in there to run the kexploit...
      Also have the XCX trainer installed with my Wii U IP on hand. Any help is really appreciated
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      2. Safo
        May 4, 2016
      3. Misledz
        I thought you mentioned your copy was a loadiine copy/backup. In any case, if its a physical disc or a eshop version then the process is a different one, but if its a loadiine ready version, then you only need to launch the kernel10, followed by enabling pygecko in GX2 and no you don't exit GX2. When I say launch XCX Im assuming you're using the loadiiine copy.
        May 4, 2016
      4. Misledz
        If your copy is a physical disk then you need to enable kernel 10, either you can use any of the exploit hosted websites or you can use your own hosted, then launch Loadiine, make sure pygecko option is enabled, then exit out of Mii Maker, then launch your disc copy and you should be good to go.There is a built in PyGecko enabled in Loadiine and will work once you have it opened before you launch your game.
        May 4, 2016
    2. Misledz
      Dem peaches ey?
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