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    Hardware Hacking SX seems to have secretly produced the second generation.

    The Nintendo DS range flash carts.
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    Will there be PS6?

    They will also get people coming into the ecosystem who hadn't thought about it before. They may play a game that's available on PS5 and PC and then think "oh, that game looks good but it's not on PC yet", so they go out and purchase a PS5. It's a win/win for Sony and Microsoft doing this...
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    Recommendations for next retro console

    Couldn't agree more. I love the GameCube but certain titles are stupidly overpriced at the minute. I didn't want to mod my CIB one and managed to pick up a faulty console that wasn't reading discs dirt cheap and a GC Loader for less than I would've paid for certain games.
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    Feedback Can’t get into my 4 year old Nintendo switch account

    Phone Nintendo. Explain the situation and they should be able to help you out.
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    Is it even worth it to get a PS5 anytime soon?

    haha, that's on any system now though and probably any system since the PS4. I will leave my PS5 on standby and it'll download the patches and whatever else. I probably benefit from the fact I have decent internet speeds also. I can imagine it being a pain with anything less.
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    Old switch with sxos Take a look at point 7, migrating from SXOS to Atmosphere. It should help you.
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    PlayStation Plus overhaul announced, premium tier has catalog of PS1, PS2, and PSP games

    Sony really don't want to invest the time and money into getting the PS3 emulation working, do they?
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    The BIG Football Thread

    The free-kick was ridiculous.
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    Hacking switch version: 14.0.0 homebrew issues You'll have to wait for an update to atmosphere.
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    CD PROJEKT RED announces development of new 'The Witcher' game using Unreal Engine 5

    I'll wait this time. I'm hoping after the Cyberpunk issues they smash it out of the park with this.
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    Accidentally Updated Switch / Can't Load CFW

    Exactly, it would stop the spread of diseases and accidental pregnancies... oh wait, we're on about firmware updates here?
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    Gaming How to do a "Factory Reset" on a Banned switch ?

    They're obviously not real hackers. B-)
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    SX to AT

    If you're trying to use the latest versions, then most likely.
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    Best tutorial for installing atmosphere

    I've recently used this to port from SX to Atmos and everything was fine.
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