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    Hacking Im Lost and Aggrivated!!!

    MOD PLz close the topic!!!!
  2. malsuk

    Gaming Are YOU getting Metroid Other M?

    got it d/loading now late night ahead...
  3. malsuk

    Hacking Metroid prime trillogy disc update

    This is only the second time that Nintendo have released a dual layer game. Cant understand why the problems with burning the dual layer never had any problems. Remember to use good quality media. I have always burnt on Ritek dye and never had any problems with my gamecube, Xbox, Xbox 360 and...
  4. malsuk

    Hacking Darkwii Extended Edition 4.0

    Unfortune waste of time lol. CLOSE THE THREAD PLZ
  5. malsuk

    Hacking Wad Installer - why do only 10 show at the installation screen?

    scroll down and the rest will appear like magic...
  6. malsuk

    Hacking Case mod for my USB Hard Drive - Take a look.

    great effort I like alot. good job fella. anyone in the UK want one of these stands I have just ordered one here : hXXp://
  7. malsuk

    Hacking Installing sdusb loader to wiichannel

    have a [email protected]@k at the "SEARCH" button it can sometimes be your best friend.
  8. malsuk

    Hacking Crap, easy to use channel creator

    same here
  9. malsuk

    Hacking Ultimate USB Loader Channel

    once you have been a member of this site for a while you know that you can trust these guys with what they up. Thxs for all your efforts with this loader channel..
  10. malsuk

    Hacking Marcan leaving scene?

    Marcan your work is done fella.
  11. malsuk

    Hacking Real USB ISO Loader discussion

    yet again the bitching has started........... boring
  12. malsuk

    Hacking MiiWii

    This is a great effort D-Jay thankyou very well done. R.I.P SoftMii your days where numbered
  13. malsuk

    Hacking quick questions about the wii scene

    maybe possible i guess
  14. malsuk

    Hacking wii dvd dumper channel?

    also look here no need to register. hope this site is of some help...
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    Hacking Call of Duty World At War 1:1 Won't work!!!!!

    no problem with a backup of COD world at war here with backup loader 0.3 gamma. why oh why dont people take the time like the rest of us to search through the great Wii section of GBAtemp to find that other people have had the same problem and if you look hard enough you might even find a...
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