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    ROM sites and R4 Sellers being ratted out

    Type to input some fake data in those anonymous forms
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    Hacking Choosing a SLOT-1 & SLOT-2 Device for DS/DSL

    The AK2 works very well the the EZ 3in1 when used with AKAiO. It will auto-load GBA backups located on the Slot-1 into the Slot-2, on the next load, it will backup the save onto the Slot-1.
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    NDS-GBA iPlayer GBA emulator v1.0 released

    We love you too.
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    Misc Using a laptop as a hotspot.

    If your wireless card support the Access Point mode you should be able to connect with it, but keep in mind that you'll need to get an Internet access from another mean (wired connection) to the laptop which act as a bridge between the ISP and the console.
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    Hacking Need to upgrade

    No idea, I just buy from DealExtreme everytime. The shipping delays sucks, but the prices are awesome.
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    Hacking buggy acekard icon...

    The update has some copyrighted code from the Danny Phantom game, which probably also included the icon.
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    Hacking So...DealExtreme is reliable right? And a few Qs...

    From past experiences, DealExtreme is a choice you can consider. If you're not in a hurry, you can save over the slow shipping. Plus they have a ton of those small pieces of equipment, like cheap HDMI cables, etc.
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    Hacking Cyclo DS Evolution is finally on DX!

    At $46.50, they can forget about me.
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    Homebrew Adobe Flash on DS

    I got tired of using my Nintendo DS as a media player, it is just not its purpose. I got a Creative ZEN, on which I put my DiVX files on it and play when I need them.
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    Homebrew Can't connect to wifi on homebrew :(

    The SSID broadcast must be activated on the access point, since the homebrew use a wifi driver that currently doesn't support connections to a hidden SSID.
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    Homebrew fm radio on ds/dsi?

    Be careful, this device will not work anywhere than Japan an Brazil. Wikipedia - Nintendo DS Digital TV Tuner
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    Homebrew any flashcart on DSi...

    Like the M3i Zero?
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    Homebrew Working NES emulators for the Acekard 2i?

    If you like Solitaire, I guess that you could play ClubHouse Games, which have Solitaire in the whole pack
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    Homebrew Which flash carts support DSLinux?

    I used my R4 in the past, and I currently use my AceKard 2.1 + EZ 3in1 with DSLinux. As said above, my virtual keyboard is also a bit imprecise, but it did that on my R4 too. So I guess it's DSLinux itself that is not calibrated properly.
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    Gaming multiplayer games using 1 DS

    Clubhouse Games, if you want to play some games like Texas Hold'em, Chess, etc. Only require one cartridge for up to 8 players, depending of the games. (Obviously, only two users can play chess at a time)
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