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    'God of War' sequel delayed to 2022

    A total of 0 peoples are surprised.
  2. Loko4

    Homebrew [Early development][WIP] Among Us 3DS

    Clickbait title ia a thing.
  3. Loko4

    Hacking Can I dump a 7.55 PS4 Game on my 6.72 Console?

    Probably a new user... Nops more 2k posts.
  4. Loko4

    Hardware Screen repair question

    All image comes from lcd screen, digitizer is only for touch.
  5. Loko4

    The latest update for Hades adds cross-save support for Switch and PC

    If you think that nintendo could do the same for zelda botw with wiiu and switch. You have to jailbreak both console to do this.
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    Nintendo wins another lawsuit, awarded $2 million in damages against SXOS reseller

    WOW, That is a lot of money for a resseller
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    Homebrew Question Goldleaf 0.9-dev Artifact

    There is any release that allow install and delete in a row multiple files?
  8. Loko4

    Homebrew RELEASE AIO Switch Updater - Update CFW, Sigpatches, FW and cheats directly from the Switch

    I have the same doubt of linuxares, between the gap of download firmware and install firmware there is a check of md5 files to know if some is corrupted?
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    Nintendo Direct Mini: Partner Showcase September 2020 - Rune Factory 5 trailer, Disgaea 6 confirmed

    All my hype from Rune factoory 5 goes away, changed too much.
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    Hacking Downgrade from 10.2.0 to 10.1.0

    If you update without burn fusees, yes. However, wait a few days, soon will be ready the patches.
  11. Loko4

    Hacking RELEASE Sigpatches for Atmosphere (fusee-primary only!)

    Thanks for the hard work, will be waiting too, updated before the news about the 10.2
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    Official launch date and pricing for the Nintendo Switch in Brazil announced

    It is expensive, howeve in brazil on grey market they were selling switch for R$3.500-4000, so with a 3000 oficiall seller they will need to drop the price. The same goes to joycon and pro controller, Nintendo is selling for R$500, and grey markert, mainly mercado livre (like ebay) it was been...
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    Hacking [Tool] Joy-Con Toolkit

    Hi, awesome app. With this tool I can check S/N or MAC from pro controllers too?
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    Firmware Nintendo Switch firmware version 10.1.0 available to download

    Stop me quoting with your bullshits only to increase post replies. Goldleaf wasnt working a sigpatch was released. I never said that the problem was goldleaf.
  15. Loko4

    Firmware Nintendo Switch firmware version 10.1.0 available to download

    Like i said Goldlead was not working, needed a new patch. A new patch was release, now it is working, Where is the lie?
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