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    Splatoon 2 Power level

    Is there a homebrew tool that will let me see what my Splatoon 2's individual power level rating is? TYIA I know X rank tells me, I'm curious about the other ranked battle levels.
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    Total War Saga: Troy launches exclusively on Epic, will be given away free on first day of release

    I was going to ask, because they say free for the first 24 hours but no date, and I'm like "when tho?" lol, danke
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    Homebrew Discussion [HBG/SHOP] The new FreeShop for the Nintendo Switch [Discussion Thread]

    It goes to the profile selected on the main screen. (bottom left)
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    Hacking Is there a way to switch between CFW and original firmware?

    I use Hekatebrew. It'll reboot into whatever you want as long as you have it on your Hekate ini config.
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    Tutorial How to use your Switch as a WiiU Game Pad in Cemu using SkyNX!

    I asked him about this yesterday in regards to Citra (both use the DSU client from the UDP server). He said he'd work on it! :-)
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    Homebrew RELEASE SKyNX V1.0 - Stream your PC games to your Nintendo Switch!

    This is really awesome. I would love to see DSU client / motion controls implemented too. I love this!
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    Hacking SXOS v2.9.5 beta released, supports firmware 10.0.1 and more

    I wish they would build autoloader into the sxos code :-)
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    Hacking Team [WAIN] Updates SX Autoloader to v1.20

    OMG, thank you (to those who did) for fixing this. Super legit now for hdd mounted games.
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    EON reveals their Super 64 adapter, which allows for "zero-lag" N64 output through HDMI

    I love that there are ZERO good comments on this so far. Price point is $100 over retail premium for this kind of thing. Even the $50 is a little steep for what it can do. This is hilarious. Why would they ever think the $150 price point was a good idea. Thanks for the laugh guys. The only good...
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    Firmware Switch firmware update 8.1.0 out now

    SX V2.7.1 EmuNand (SD Files / CFW <= 8.0.1) works with OFW 8.1.0
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    Hacking Sxos Emunand question.

    You didn't really say anything. What TF are you talking about?
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    Hacking Question SXOS emuNAND problem

    There are plenty of ways around the size limitation of FAT32. ExFAT isn't worth it. Also, make sure you're backing up your system. You don't need to back up the Nintendo and Emutendo folders, you can just reinstall the games in case there is a problem. Also, if you pack the rest into a ZIP or...
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