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    Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy – The Definitive Edition trailer

    Some of the new NPC models look quite cartoony and almost uncanny... But apart from that, I'm really excited to try this out!
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    'Super Mario Galaxy DS' demake gets new progress update

    This barely even looks real! :O
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    World’s first NPG (NO!-Playing Game), 'Say No! More', launches next month

    Very unique idea! Saw this as an ad on my Instagram feed quite a while ago, completely forgot about it until now XD. Thought it would be released by now.
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    GCN POLL: Is the Gamecube the greatest Nintendo system of all time

    Was gonna say just that, but then I remembered the poor old wiiu
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    GCN POLL: Is the Gamecube the greatest Nintendo system of all time

    If you value a console by how many games it can play then I would go with the WIIU, It's like a Gamecube, Wii and many more systems combined.
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    Hardware [help]! My keyboard has started opening shortcuts when pressing keys.

    Hi everyone! Recently I have been having some problems with my KROM KERNEL TKL mechanical keyboard, I got it second hand alongside my PC and it has served me well for about a year now already. But just about a week ago, quite a bit of problems have shown up. Every time I boot up my PC or even...
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    Nintendo announces limited edition Mario Red & Blue Switch

    To me, it looks like a fisher price toy..
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    Got NextGen?

    I'm surprised with the poll!
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    NESPi 4 Case First thoughts

    The Retroflag raspberry pi cases have always been a great choice for anyone interested in displaying their raspberry Pi in a novel and retro-like way. This one is no different. In the box you get the case, SSD enclosure, fan, screwdriver and all be necessary USB components for the ports in the...
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    Xbox Series S controller posted on Twitter

    Can you not just replace a dead rechargeable battery?
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