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    Homebrew Question Anyway to go online w/ 8.1.0 in Pokemon Sword and Shield?

    I wish at least *one* pokemon game was free of bullshit pkhex so you can at least wow at someone having legendary shinies and whatnot. Takes all the surprise and the fun out of the game when you can never know if someone was actually lucky/worked for it or just plopped a shitty perfect pokemon...
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    Hacking EMUMMC Reminder!

    The difference being that AFAIK the 3DS internal ID reset every time you factory reset the system, so you could fool Nintendo making it think you had two separate systems. In the case of the switch, the device ID is attached to the NAND and there's nothing you can do to change it. A ban in...
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    Hacking Going Online w/SXOS- Clarification Please

    Isn't that the point? my "clean" card doesn't have a boot.dat, and the EMUnand isn't connected to the Internet nor has valid prodinfo data.
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    Hacking Atmosphere 0.9.0 released with eMMC support

    as long as SXOS has XCI loading it'll still be relevant. also it's just 15 bucks. even little kids working part-time at mcdonalds can spare 15 bucks, come on.
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    Hacking Question SX OS Safety

    You know that using different users makes absolutely no difference whatsoever, right? Might as well avoid the hassle of having to pick an user.
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    Hacking Going Online w/SXOS- Clarification Please

    I did it like this: - boot into whatever CFW you're using and delete all your internet settings, enable airplane mode - open SXOS boot menu for the first time, create EMUNAND - turn off console, remove SD card (this will be your "piracy" card) - copy only the file needed on boot by SXOS in a...
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    Hacking Question Why did you switch from Reinx to Atmosphere?

    Switched to SX masterrace because I couldn't take being offline anymore. So far immensely enjoying the online from a pre-hack clean NAND
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    ROM Hack Question pokemon lets go Ipega and procontroller support mods

    maybe no one else has monster hands or people will try to find a solution themselves instead of passive-aggressively threatening not to buy anything from ninty in a forum they don't read
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    Homebrew RELEASE - turn your Switch into a RetroArch powered retrogaming console - includes PSX, N64 and PSP

    My heart sank during the Crazy Taxi footage. ARE YOU READY? HERE WE G-YAH-YAH-YAAHH... wait, where is the music?
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    Homebrew RELEASE AtlasNX Kosmos Animated Theme !!!

    Why does everyone use those terrible animations just for the sake of including them? Useless, long-winded twirly animations go directly against the minimalist theme normally present in these releases. It's like going back to 1999 and spinning skull GIFs in webpages. Either put up something...
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    Hacking Share your ReiNX splash screen here!

    I have absolutely no idea where any of her body starts or ends
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    Homebrew WIP FreeShopNX

    You still need sig patches to play games downloaded through this, right? Or SX OS
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    Hacking Gateway No Longer Viable, Any Alternatives?

    What do you want to do? If you just want to use the eShop, you can use ctr-httpwn read:
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    Hacking Updating apps on a JP N3DS with GW

    ALRIGHT I MADE THIS SHIT WORK. I spent like 3 entire damn days researching and trying stuff but it finally paid off. THANKS TO EVERYONE FOR YOUR HELP. I can finally Use the PokeBank and also transfer my guys from Pokemon Red VC into Su/Mo with GW and no updating. Here is the setup. I'm using...
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    Hacking Updating apps on a JP N3DS with GW

    Alright, even though PokeBank works, it asks for a system update to run so I'll cave in and do the A9HL process. I have one last question which is not covered on Plailect's guide. There is an option for "restoring EmuNAND", which supposedly keeps all my stuff from my GW EmuNAND. My question is...
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