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    Hacking Current status of 3DS hacking?

    yeah i was just looking through there. Looks like a lot of noob spam though. Looks like ninten wasn't hoaxing when they said this one will be really locked down. Thanks for the update guys.
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    Hacking Current status of 3DS hacking?

    interesting, i'll look into that sorry about that, didn't realize there was a sticky post just for questions like these. I never said I wanted to pirate games, I just wanted to know the status of flashcarts. flashcarts does not always mean pirating.
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    Hacking Current status of 3DS hacking?

    Hey, can any one give me a quick update on the status of 3DS hacking currently? I've been out of the scene for a while so I don't anything, lol. Anything from if any 3DS flashcarts are on the way (to play 3DS games, not regular flashcarts), or technical stuff like exploits, etc. Thanks
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    DS #5435: KORG M01 Music Workstation (Japan)

    I didn't think it would get released too (although its super late). I just bought the game, lol.
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    SCDS2 SDK v0.13 BETA

    on topic: I have access to the dev forums, but its nice to see a SDK released to the public. hopefully handful of skilled people will make some nice things :]
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    Hacking trying to install new cIOS and i'm getting ret = 2 errors

    hey, I was trying to update my cIOS using the cIOS Installer Xr20b. I do have the necessary WAD file, its in the root of the SD, but when I go through the menu's and choose the one to get WAD file from SD, it comes up with an ERROR (Ret =2). I was wondering what this means? Is it saying that it...
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    AirScan v1.0

    that is why this is used to find an open one? Which makes this quite useful as you would not have to sit there going in the games wifi settings scanning for a open AP every 5 seconds. Just run this and it'll show you what APs are open and not real-time.
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    Amazing video game soundtrack remixes

    dayuuum sexy stuff. I especially like the second song. Intro is crazy.
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    Supercard DSTWO update bypasses new protection

    amazing. I'm liking the SC team more and more
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    DS #5018: Dragon Quest IX Sentinels of the Starry Skies (USA)

    lol, agreed. why would you play such a wonderful game using cheats? might as well just not play. -.-
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    DS #5036: Odoru Daisousasen The Game: Sensuikan ni Sennyuu Seyo! (Japa

    the audio is really off-sync. unless my computer is acting up
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    iReader for DSTWO released

    thanks for the clarification shaunj66. sweeeeet
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    iReader for DSTWO released

    in 'tips' it says zip. is zip supported? or do they plan to support zip files. zip support would be awesome
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    DS #5018: Dragon Quest IX Sentinels of the Starry Skies (USA)

    you get them through wifi events. people from previous games visit your Inn
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