God of War - Ascension Save Editor available, get it now ! Mar 14, 2013

The Prince of Codes, from Darkness of Time

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Mar 14, 2013
Mar 14, 2013
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      God of War - Ascension Save Editor available, get it now !
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    Darkness of Time
    Developer & Programmer
    United States
    • Some people know me as K.G for Hacking saves for games such as UFC, SvR, Alan Wake, AC Brotherhood... ect...I was the most active member on Xbox360Content back when it was the best modding site, with JizzaBeez and Feudalnate.My UFC tool beeing the most downloaded tool on the site. I have some skills in modding allowing me to mod what other people can't.
    • Now become a time when i need money for private reasons, I chose to use those skills to help me having it by charging for the tools.They are unique, so either it is the only tool available for a game (like my UFC Editors) or it contains something no editors have (like Prototype 2 or WWE 12 tools). All that justifies the price of the tool.

    Now i only run my Youtube/Dailymotion channel, it's only there you will hear freely about my projects.

    • I was known recently for hacking PS3 game saves as well. Now I'm doing editors for both PS3 (Retail & CFW) & Xbox 360 consoles. My PS3 save editors are the only ones available.
    • For games like God of War Ascension, Tomb Raider, Bleach, Resident Evil, UFC 2010, WWE '13.... etc..

    Here is my Youtube Channel KG971 (Subsribe !)

    Here is my Dailymotion Channel KG-971 (Subsribe !)

    You want to hack unique contents in WWE games ? SvR series ? UFC 2010 ? Prototype 2 ? for both 360 & PS3 and much more ? go to my Youtube/Dailymotion channel.

    • My latest tool is a God of War - Ascension Save Editor.

    Features of the Save Editor:
    - Red Orbs mods (up to 1 000 000)
    - Max Health, Magic & Rage
    - Max Gorgon eyes & feathers
    - Unlock all items (weapons ect..) from anywhere in the single player campaign
    - Max all items (weapons ect..) from anywhere in the single player campaign

    Works for both Retail PS3 and CFW and for any saves at any time of the story. From the start until the end of the game, no exeption.

    Here is the link to the video (Youtube)

    Read the description to know how to get it.


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