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    Flashing an Arduino using a Top3000? Need it to build my own Snes to Gamecube adapter!

    You need a CH340 or FTDI to serial usb programmer, or an arduino uno. Use arduino software to write and upload code has several good tutorials. This is exactly what you will be doing.
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    Mattel shows off their upcoming Mario Kart Hot Wheels cars and racetracks

    Well, that will be 35 years from now so it's possible... The joy of fun playing with them with my boy... priceless
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    Mattel shows off their upcoming Mario Kart Hot Wheels cars and racetracks

    I'm 37, and am gonna buy these... for the collectability lol... I still have a lot the old cars and a bunch of tracks from when I was way younger, and some of those cars were my uncles when he was a kid. Some are still in package and worth a few hundred dollars. Kinda wondering if these are...
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    Xbox Game Pass for PC is available today

    Upgraded a few minutes ago, for $1. Live and gamepass were set to expire 7/7/19 and 8/20/19. After upgrade it expires on 3/3/20. Not bad. Now thinking about selling xbone if things like rdr2 and a few more make it onto gamepass.
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    Xbox Game Pass is coming to PC, Microsoft also bringing 20+ of their first party titles to Steam

    Hell, forget a reinstall of windows, every major update I have had to re download/install FH4 Sot, GoW4 and Ark sooo many times. over 200Gb because they can't figure out how to properly junction files to a 2nd drive, hope using steam it will be easier, and hey possible modding too.
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    Hardware USB hub power question...

    All pc usb hubs without their own power supply are 5V only(if it just has a usb plug that plugs into pc). If it has it's own power input/adapter, a barrel plug for example, it MAY? be 12V. Is there a label on the hub at all? if it has 2 usb plugs, one can be plugged into a cell phone charger...
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    Gaming Just Cause 4 silently launches on game pass today

    Thanks! Been wanting to try this one. It shows first on the list in gamepass games now.
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    Hacking Dev Mode Activation free (for now)

    Been after this for free for a long time. Logged in on rewards link, then dev mode link, and it installed on my box. Thank you!
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    First concept images for Mad Box console's controller revealed

    I get the feeling all this is gonna be confirmed on April 1st.
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    Gaming Games with really bad performance? (Overclock Research thread)

    2nd Ark. If it becomes any better with overclock I would buy a 2nd NX just to hack, since mines old but on 6.2FW and online.
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    Hardware Minor Xbox One controller concerns

    Yep, that is normal. Just bought a replacement blue one a few days ago, and it creaks and pops like crazy. Pathetic really considering the price of these things, but what do we expect, everybody charges a massive premium for cheaper made crap. Unfortunately it will continue, but at least I don't...
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    Alfonso Ribeiro is suing Epic Games for using his dance move in Fortnite

    But aside from the studio owning FP, what about the hired choreographer that probably taught him the move? And the Springsteen video? I could see it maybe having traction if Epic called it "The Carlton" but this... no, just no.
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    Hardware how do i change ntfs to fat32

    Depending on size of sd card windows won't do it either... Need a tool like partition manager or something. I use minitool partition wizard, but there are simpler out there. SD formatter or something. '] accept eula and it...
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    Gaming [Help] I need to know the exact data size (game+update+DLC) of the following Switch games.

    Don't have several of those games, a few different, but just giving opinion. I have a 256Gb, and it is well over half full, Oddesy, LA Noir, BOTW, DOOM... I am looking at 400Gb cards now, because I know I will run out of room. Your totals are already over a 128 so yeah... 256 minimum, but it...
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    This happened within the last few months. unfortunately their modems are outdated crap, and the ''supported" list is older, like 10y old stuff. Found out I can tell them to make it just a bridge, so I am gonna get a wired router for the basement, and use the nighthawk for wireless. Then I can...
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