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    Suspicious login attempts begin to plague Switch owners, Nintendo to investigate

    I would unlink your credit card. The worst case scenario is worse than what you described. If you call and dispute with your bank, then Nintendo will ban your account. You will lose access to all your previous purchases.
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    Hardware Solder points to use to mod Y button as always pressed down?

    Okay, I found the points. There is almost no empty room inside the joycon. Does anyone know of any extremely small SPST switches?
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    Hardware Solder points to use to mod Y button as always pressed down?

    You have to let go and press it again every floor.
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    Hardware Solder points to use to mod Y button as always pressed down?

    Diablo 3 - keeping a buff activated.
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    Hardware Solder points to use to mod Y button as always pressed down?

    I’d like to mod a joycon to have the Y button pushed down all the time. Does anyone know which points on the joycon could be used for this? I’ll likely use an on/off switch.
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    Pokémon GO Summer Tour 2018 Announced

    Actually a lot of the people that play are really hardcore about it. You get a pass per day to do a raid, and a lot of people do several a day. The addition of quests and raids has helped the game a lot compared to when it launched.
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    GTA V Premium Edition to release this April?

    No. They are at over 90 million copies shipped, and it is still consistently one of the best selling games 5 years after release. 4 sucked, but V is awesome.
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    Gaming Is Smash 2018 a port, or a new game?

    I never got around to playing the one on Wii U - so its a new game either way for me.
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    Hardware [Question] Will there be unofficial Switch replacement parts ?

    Actually front replacements are available also. I got one and then looked at all the work it would take to do - it is way more complicated than the rear one.
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    Homebrew snes emulator released

    In fairness, you made 3 separate posts asking how to launch/what did you miss in less than 5 minutes. :D
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    Hardware My Nintendo Switch Cooling Mod

    What were the before and after numbers?
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    Nintendo Switch gamestream app "Rainway" shows off new video, beta delayed to 2018

    That is more than a bit of frames being dropped. Having streamed a lot using Steam both on wireless and wired ethernet, and NVIDIA GameStream on wireless, wired ethernet, and over the Internet - this is not to be expected. I hope it gets approved, and everyone is only speculating whether it...
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    Gaming Any Nintendo Only Owners Here?

    Switch for portability and PC if I really want to be tethered to a screen but have great graphics. Xbox 1 or PS 4 would be like downgrading my PC. It just doesn't make sense. I either want portability or performance, and Xbox 1/PS4 don't deliver on either of those.
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    I'm on the verge of dropping out of high school. Any ideas from both sides?

    I know people can cite examples of people that became rich even after dropping out of high school or college, but these are the exceptions. Unless you have already developed something like Windows, Facebook, etc. and you are quitting to push it to market, then you are not going to be one of...
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