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    'Alone in the Dark' remake announced

    there is no way in hell that I would play the original at this point but I do want to experience it so, remake it! it's not shameless or lazy, it's bringing something people love to a new generation that otherwise would not consume the original medium for either lack of hardware or a game...
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    'Alone in the Dark' remake announced

    the original came out 30 years ago, a lot of people never heard of it. It's going to be a new experience for the majority of the people that play it. Why do people complain that a game exists? You don't want it so no one should have it, got it.
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    Hidden Super Punch-Out!! two-player mode discovered after 28 years

    I swear this was found before, I've heard about this.
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    Gameplay footage leaks from The Last of Us remake

    they do have more games than just TLoU and Crash
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    Ocarina of Time fan PC port gets difficulty settings and randomizer in new update

    same. they have #macos-port, you might want to check there
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    'Forspoken' delayed to October

    delayed until January 24th 2023 now, ffs delaying again because bigger games coming out.
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    God of War: Ragnarök launches November 9 for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5

    it's probably because they have to accommodate the digital PS5 owners, I assume it's easier for Sony to just give everyone a voucher instead of the choice of disk or voucher
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    Capcom Summer Showcase 2022 - roundup - RE: Village's DLC out this October

    cool just picked up RE7 at Gamestop for $12.99 new on PS4 this morning for the free upgrade
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    PCSX2 PlayStation 2 emulator releases its first public Qt build; improves UI, adds per-game configs

    YES macOS builds, gonna test it out on my M1 Mac Mini update:// MGS3 at 2K runs at 60fps, playing at 4K has choppy audio during codec calls.
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    PS1 classic Syphon Filter will have trophy support on new PS Plus

    We don't have to imagine, the future is here!
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    Next Genshin Impact update delayed indefinitely

    yah, I don't like this thing so NOBODY should have access to it, grr only my opinion matters. If you like something I don't get fucked, loser
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    MC2SIO - Load PS2 games from SD Memory Card!

    yah when it doesn't detect my games I just remove the MC2SIO and plug it back in while in OPL and it shows up
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    MC2SIO - Load PS2 games from SD Memory Card!

    what if you pull it out and reinsert while in OPL (MC2SIO not microSD)
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    E3 2022 has been cancelled; ESA says event will return in 2023

    E3 is pointless in the digital age, any developer or studio can make a 30 minute presentation and post that shit on Youtube whenever they want. It's like gaming magazines, you can get all that info online so the magazines had to go since they were behind the times
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    The fan-made PC port of The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time has been released

    can someone post or DM me the link, I'm not creating a Discord account just for a download. or can Discord host files in which case there is no link, I'm not sure.
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