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    Hacking Sx Core and Sx Lite , test Units Received

    The chip still can be validated in this days?
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    The EverDrive GBA X5 Mini is now available to order

    I think I wait until black friday for discount, I already have the original model, well, just maybe, now barely use it.
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    Software Infinity 2.0 released for the PSP, allows for persistent CFW on all models of PSPs on 6.60 and 6.61

    I have this questions for my PSP go With this the pause game feature is persistent like in 6.20 cfw? Or erases it after is loaded? And which is the best firmware for psone games? I can't run worms Armageddon and rayman 2 is very slow
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    Hacking Downgrade from 3.71

    You can force the firmware 3.71 installation with Qcma, search in youtube on how update to a desired version with qcma.
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    Hacking Downgrade from 3.71

    I bricked mine, the brick can be fixed reinstalling the 3.71 with qcma
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    ROM Hack Super Mario Advance 2: Super Mario World - Instrument Restoration

    The bad music of the gba version, keeps me out of trying complete all levels, but with a good sound restoration I play again and complete all levels, thanks for your work.
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    Hacking I need help with my memory card

    If still asking for formatt memory card, then the changes you do remains, so maybe yes.
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    Hardware OLED vs LCD outdoors visibility

    both are the same in sunlight, I have both models, but I prefer the slim, is more comfortable for play, the select, start and home buttons are easier to push, more battery duration, less weight, and has higher volume audio, on the screen the difference is small, the color are more intense on...
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    Hacking I need help with my memory card

    your vita is trying boot to sd2vita ignoring memory card, so insert the sd2vita adapter with a copy of ux0, if you don't have a copy, install henkaku again, you can undo all changes on your system by installing enso again and change the s2vita boot, or leave as is now.
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    Hacking [RELEASE] Pkgi 0.04 - Install games directly on Vita (similar to FreeShop)

    Don't know that, I think I will convert the games where the difference is too big, like the above example, thanks!
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    Hacking Molecule's boot logo disabler for enso (3.60)

    this app is nice but very risky, one small error and you're out, a firmware checker or at least a message on screen like: warning this is only for...6.XX will be useful, but there is nothing.
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    Hacking Vita downgrader Moduru released

    Here in méxico are selling japanese sealed psvitas aqua blue with firmware 3.68 but with factory firmware 3.65, who updated these consoles? Thanks to theflow for this wonderful tool
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    Tutorial [TUTORIAL] Use VITA-1000 Without Official Sony Memory Card! [CAUTION NEEDED]

    If later I insert a official memory card, stops read my sd2vita, what I need to do to use both?
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    Hacking [RELEASE] Pkgi 0.04 - Install games directly on Vita (similar to FreeShop)

    Hi, I downloaded luxor wrath of set of psp, in the list the size is just 28mb but when is fully downloaded the size increment to 856mb, why is that? Is normal? If that so, I prefer uninstall.
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