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    Hacking Dev Mode Activation free (for now)

    I'm having the same problem, oddly enough though, I get a different result when going on another browser. When I open Chrome and go to the link with my account, it gives me that, but if I go on Edge with the same exact account, then it says I have no available rewards. It's the same account. The...
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    Hacking Wiimote emulation through GameCube controller

    This is really cool! Maybe I'll finally have a somewhat reasonable time playing City Folk on my S9+.
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    Gaming ps4 card playstation plus code error wc-40355-7

    Have you tried entering it on the website? That would be my first suggestion. I know I had this issue back when Sony was having issues during the holidays last year, and it was a mess, but I never figured out why specifically. The only explanations I can find from other posts on reddit and...
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    Gaming To those who've 100%ed Smash Ultimate (in any way, cheating or otherwise...)

    What is the full track list you can set for the Menu Music? It's been kinda hard to find how much, and the only results I get seem to be incomplete lists. I'm curious if anyone has the full list on hand. Thanks.
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    ROM Hack RELEASE [Release/Tutorial] Switch theme injector : Easily make custom themes

    Hey, I've got two really dumb questions: - Will going out of CFW remove the theme and - If it does stay for some reason, can Nintendo detect it being different than stock? Thanks
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    Hacking Nintendont

    Do you mean using the same USB you use for your Wii U games? No, you would need another HDD. A Wii U HDD has a proprietary file system, one the Wii can't view.
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    Hacking Wii U NOOB PARADISE - Ask & Answer questions here.

    Yes you can, and the titles won't show up. You're in the right thread though, so don't worry about asking dumb questions lol
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    Homebrew is it safe to update to 11.7

    You should probably wait 2 or 3 days just to make sure everything you use does actually run with 11.7. I can't imagine they changed a lot to make things that worked on 11.6 suddenly not work though, so maybe it's not needed? I'd wait a few days just to be safe, though, no matter the case.
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    Hacking HENkaku for 3.68 to release on July 1

    I use HENkaku mostly to use SD2Vita because of Sony's bullshit proprietary memory cards, so no chance I would feel bad for Sony, especially after how much they screwed up the console besides the memory card stuff.
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    Homebrew osu!3DS - A homebrew osu! port for the Nintendo 3DS.

    Really cool so far! Never thought I'd see osu on the 3DS somehow, but now that someone made it, it makes a lot more sense now that i think about it.
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    Hacking HENkaku for 3.68 to release on July 1

    I'm curious if this news matters much to people that already have HENkaku Ensō 3.65. Maybe more development in the scene, just due to more people having access to HENkaku? Nevertheless, it's still pretty exciting, hopefully the scene does get more activity later this year then.
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    Emulation Emulators WIIU or vWII?

    I'm not really sure what you mean, specifically. Some emulators work better on vWii, like N64 emulation works better, from what I can remember. However, some people prefer emulating on the Wii U itself just for convenience and not having to go into vWii every time (with the exception of GameCube...
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    Homebrew PPSSPP discussion and testing thread

    I'm super excited seeing how fast things have been moving with this, who knows where the compatibility will be in a few months or so, considering how much has progressed so far.
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    Gaming Wiiu Zelda Breath of the wild possibly Leaked already

    Considering it's a screenshot of a Facebook picture, yeah it's literally that.
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    Gaming Wiiu Zelda Breath of the wild possibly Leaked already

    And I thought yesterday the thread was pretty busy...
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