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    Gaming What Brightness Do YOU Play On?

    Lowest. My eyes can't focus on higher
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    Wood Firmwares v1.11

    Many Thanks!
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    Wood Firmwares v1.10

    thanks again from me..
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    ROM Hack Tales of Innocence Transl. (Absolute Zero) v1.0 PATCH RELEASED

    wowowow...thanks for the awesome translation...
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    Do you read manga?

    Naruto One Piece Bleach.. and sometimes Fairy Tail
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    2010 FIFA WORLD CUP Finals

    of course Argentina..
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    Hacking New R4 3DS Website
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    Nintendo 3DS photos, videos and more

    OMG!!!!! Kingdom Hearts 3D!!!
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    Gaming What ONE DS game is everyone looking forward to this year

    Golden Sun DS + Pokemon Black and White...
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    Hardware Would You Buy A 3DS?

    of course!support nintendo..
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    New Pokémon B/W Battle video

    better than HGSS..can't wait
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    welcome..i m newbie too
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    Hacking Which r4 do you have?

    original R4..other flashcart is hard to find in my country but, with the ultimate wood R4..
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    Wood R.P.G/R4 v1.06

    wow...thank you for this ultimate new version..
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