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    Hacking Supercard DSTWO doesn't fit?

    Huh. You're right. The cartridge only latches into the slot if I push at it from from the left corner. Odd. Thanks for the information!
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    Hacking Supercard DSTWO doesn't fit?

    Hi everyone, Recently I just bought a New 3DS XL and I've been having problems with my Supercard DSTwo. The system itself detects that DSTwo correctly, but the bigger issue that I have is that it won't stay inside the cartridge slot. For some odd reason, it won't lock in place and simply...
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    ROM Hack Merging Cheat Databases

    Hello, I just downloaded a new cheat database but I've already stuck in a bunch of a new cheats into my old database which aren't in the new one. Is there any way to merge the databases together or do I have to manually input all of the cheats not within the new database myself? Cheers and thanks.
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    Gaming Using Xbox360ce for Dark Souls

    Admittedly, I bought the adapter thinking that it would save me from having to go and buy a controller. Before buying it, I was going to buy an Xbox360 controller actually, and even now I still have thoughts about going to buy that MLG Controller. For now though, my Wii Classic Pro and adapter...
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    Gaming Using Xbox360ce for Dark Souls

    Hello All, So I got Dark Souls Prepare to Die Edition a day ago and figured out the hard way that using a controller instead of mouse and keyboard was basically required not an option. Unfortunately, I lack a Xbox360 Controller, supposedly the only one officially supported. So what I decided to...
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    Hardware Has anyone had any luck getting Nintendo to replace thier 3DS?

    I did actually send my 3DS in for repairs since there was an ENORMOUS amount of dust gathered in the top screen and it inspired great fury whenever I looked at it in a light. To send it in, you have to go to their support website, provide your serial code then ship it off at a Fed-Ex (at least...
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    Hacking Need some help with updating DSTWO

    So, I'm pretty new to using the DSTwo and I need a bit of help with updating. So, I downloaded the newest EOS (Or whatever it's called) firmware in the beginner guide and copied into the directory, replacing the files inside the original folders with the new ones. After that, I downloaded the...
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    Gaming Nintendo 3DS System Update

    Or not and I'm in fact a massive dingleberry because it just says mine is up to date.
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    Gaming Nintendo 3DS System Update

    Bugger this waiting. I can get the update, but others seem to can't. VICTORY GOES TO THOSE WITH COURAGE!
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    Gaming Nintendo 3DS System Update

    For those of you who keep waiting for an automatic update, please remember it's not automatic. You have to go to the settings and manually start the update. And now that I've posted something somewhat helpful, I deem myself exempt from testing the update and will therefore sit and let a guinea...
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    Hacking Converting Save Files

    Well, I found the problem. As it turns out, the Acekard 2 names the save file the exact same as the game itself, including the .nds . Which means I need to rename all of them. Crap.
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    Hacking Converting Save Files

    So I just made the switch from an Acekard 2 (Not 2i) to a SuperCard DSTwo and everything works fine and dandy on my 3DS. The problem is however, that the save files seem to need a conversion or something. I think. Or I'm doing something wrong. So, are there any sites or tools that can convert...
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    Gaming MP3 Pitch/Speed Editor

    After playing around with my music for about an hour and a half, I have concluded something. Girls (At least Japanese Girls) when toned down sound like High Pitched Boys but Boys (Again, at least Japanese boys) don't sound like low pitched Girls when toned up. In case you couldn't tell, I...
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    Wii #1514 - Muramasa: The Demon Blade (USA)

    Right. Problem. This says I need a software update....Which is troubling. Why? I have Wii Homebrew channel installed onto my Wii, and I'm quite frightened of what will happen if I attempt to update. Can anyone confirm that this doesn't turn my Wii into a Paperweight? Yes, I'm a newb who's never...
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