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    Anyone good at basic sound production?

    Hey people, i was just wondering if anyone was good at sound production. I basically have to make a game for my university course and im basically done but i need to make 5 sounds which to be perfectly honest i suck at. I was wondering if any of you guys here could either give some tips or ideas...
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    Help me by doing my survey

    Thanks guys, i know its awkward to ask on a gaming forum but iv got my facebook wall as well but i thought this place would be good for the gaming side of things. I appreciate it massivly that you helped me :).
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    Mass Suicide Threats at Xbox 360 Plant

    sad that we live a world where people have to be willing to give up there own lives for better working conditions
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    Help me by doing my survey

    Hi guys I am doing some course work for uni and I need help with it. By help I mean I need data from you guys so I was wondering if you guys would be kind enough to complete my survey. Its based on gaming, more importantly its based on Virtual Reality gaming. So thanks in advance and if you...
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    OnLive UK - First game is £1

    had a little go with Onlive at Eurogames expo played street fighter didnt really feel like there was input lag or anything.
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    If you find DiRT 3 keys floating on the interwebs, DONT USE IT So it looks like it a fault on both parts basically i say that they want the codes deactivated.
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    If you find DiRT 3 keys floating on the interwebs, DONT USE IT

    Well, just to tell you guys they where released by a AMD who upload the keys on an page which was accessible by everyone. There was something similar to this last time when EVGA with Metro 2033 my friend got one of em but he never got banned because theere where about 20k keys which where used...
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    London riots: Violence erupts for third day

    yeah i live in hackney it pretty crazy outside, i was in mare street near the empire today aswell just got cordened off by the police
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    Osama Had a Large Stash of Digital Porn Movies at his Hideout

    When i saw the topic on the front page i was like "Porn i bet" i click it and yep its porn. Well i guess he had to pass the time some way or another.
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    Gaming Mortal Kombat worth a purchase?

    Hi guys, Iv been thinking about getting the new mortal kombat game but im not sure how good it actuly is. I heard that they changed the move sets alot making them alot similar to street fighter (which i enjoy) but im not 100% on getting since its quite expensive. So if anyone here has it whats...
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    Help me out by doing my survey - Research Project for College

    Thanks for all the help guys really appreciate it. still need some more but you guys really helped me out.
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    Help me out by doing my survey - Research Project for College

    Hi guys i got a research project due next month so i have to gather data. I was just wondering if anyone on the forums would be willing to help me out in gathering information for my research. The more people that would be willing to do to do it the better i would greatly appriteate it if you...
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    [Essentials] Anime 2!

    Hajime no ippo +1
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    Wolves coming to minecraft

    its real go on notchs tumblr or if you too flipping lazy click this link wolves. click the link at the bottem of the latest post.
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    Unreal 3 Demo Footage Leaked

    ermmmm isnt the new engine unreal 4 just sayin since unreal 3 is the current engine
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