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    What happened to Retromini Max? there's a full explanation in that second link. you can still get the retromax on aliexpress for a tenner if you wanted...
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    What is the best chinese Retro handheld gaming system for 2019?

    it is the retrogame, they're just calling it k101 pro. you can get them from aliexpress for $20 less than that. the firmware is available on the dingoonity boards, the version that funnyplaying are shipping it with is very old now.
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    Hardware GBA Backlight! (AGB-001)

    yeah the 32pin boards aren't as common. in the UK maybe 1 in 5 or 1 in 6 that i buy is a 32pin board. and you're right, those modifications aren't needed on the 32pin boards, only the DA1 mod.
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    Hardware GBA Backlight! (AGB-001)

    ghosting can't usually be solved using the potentiometer. ghosting occurs on 40pin boards and it requires de-soldering of some components to make it work correctly.
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    Hacking accidentally updated to 1.4.5E, m3i zero no longer works

    i don't have the gmp-z003 version so it's not compatible.
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    Hacking accidentally updated to 1.4.5E, m3i zero no longer works

    Hi, I received this card below. Straight out of the box it doesn't work, so I guess I need to put Wood R4 on it or something? Can anyone help me out? It does show the cart as some Konami Digital Entertainment game on the DSi menu, but when i load...
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    Hacking accidentally updated to 1.4.5E, m3i zero no longer works

    right, i figured it would be between either the R4i gold or the R4i SDHC. my other question, i have a save file from Korg M01 on my dead card that i really want to keep - will it be compatible on the new card? thanks for the help guys.
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    Hacking accidentally updated to 1.4.5E, m3i zero no longer works

    i took a chance and updated my DSi to 1.4.5E, because i needed to check the store for something. unfortunately the thing i wanted wasn't in the store, and not only that but now my m3i zero no longer works. first question, is there a firmware for m3i zero that works on DSi 1.4.5E? if not, what...
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    Android So has anyone seen a Chinese Android *phone* with a gamepad?

    The iReadyGO Much i5 is exactly what you're after. It's going to be expensive though ($~230 i reckon) (scroll down until you get to it)
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    Hacking Gateway 3DS - First 3DS Flashcart

    I can't find them on your site, so I assume you've removed them. Good move. If what was said about you selling preloaded cards with a mark up is true, that's profiting from piracy. Whilst it's obvious what people mostly buy these carts and cards for, the customer is not profiting from games that...
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    Gaming Question re: region locking

    Hi I would really like to buy the Korg DS10 plus software for my DSi or DSi XL, but it wasn't released in Europe. Am I to understand that the extra 4 synths (ie the DSi content) won't work on either console? If that's the case, does anyone want to sell me a USA DSi or DSi XL? :lol:
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    Gaming K1GBA team doesn't even know GBA original resolution!

    It doesn't, it's 320x240 They're not the manufacturer, they're the distributor. They can't be expected to know the details of all the hardware, or indeed the hardware of the original GBA. It could be that you just misinterpreted what they wrote, English is not their first language. Cut them...
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    Gaming A Game Boy Advance 1:1 clone with extras.

    Probably because of the cost. Using a 1:1 GBA SP shell is cheap, they're already in heavy production and cost less than $1 per piece. Once you start modifying the casing to incorporate different connectors then you drive the cost up dramatically. The case they chose for the K101 is probably...
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    Gaming K1GBA team doesn't even know GBA original resolution!

    Firstly, the K1 does not have have a resolution of 640x480, it is 320x240. Secondly, K1GBA are official distributors of the K1 and K101 - they are not involved with manufacture and are not expected to know every last detail of its hardware or the hardware of the original GBA. It is quite...
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