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    Ok guys I'm seeing that many have trouble installing your games, so I'll share a tutorial that will increase the chances that shows "DONE". Well, you know if you get the word "DONE" then you can install your fastest CIAS, but of course not always happen that, because we have a freeze.

    But that does not matter, I have tested this on consoles 10.3.0-28U in New and Old, insurance so you do fewer attempts. I could install about 4 games per console, in 1 hour with this method.

    FBI does not work?
    Do not worry!
    I share a functional method, which increase the chances you can install your CIAS.

    If your console is a Old3DS I recommend using MenuHax, it works much better at that.

    If your console is a New3DS I recommend using IronHax, it works much better at that.

    The installer FBI is not yet fully developed and you will not have 100% can install your CIAS.
    But if you use this method, you can increase your chances of FBI Installer works in 57% of chance.

    First of all, when you turn on your console, the cartridge should not be inserted, the HBL have to run normally and once you start going to run FTBony and when loading the application screen quickly press the B button to exit it.
    Upon completion of this process will run the Installer FBI, and here when the screen below shows the blue color, you must insert the cartridge 3DS quickly and press the A button several times until the red color display screen.
    As you can see, if you've done well, the Installer FBI show more often the "DONE" part, and even sometimes notice that the letters are deformed but is normal. If you see the letter "DONE" will not appear more often then you do not insert the cartridge when the screen below is put in blue, or ran FTBony and you pressed the B button to exit quickly.

    The more times the "DONE" without deforming the letters, you can install the CIAS appear more frequently.

    I have tested it in the Old3DS & New3DS consoles and works much better.
    Remember IronHax for N3DS and MenuHax for O3DS.