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    Hacking [Release] CIAKonPack - New CIA converter , make cia so easy

    complete any 3ds roms to the CIA conversion, amazing! but hope it can support new 3ds or higher o3ds system, more guys can enjoy:lol:
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    Hacking SKY3DS support the newest update - V9.5.0-22U/E/J !

    SKY3DS support the newest 3ds update and my eshop with it is working LOL
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    Tempmas 2014 Starts Here! Week #1

    Hope you like and won the SKY3DS for my bro as XMAS gift
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    Hacking [Update: GW new update released] Not safe to update to 9.2.0-20 on emunand.

    sky3ds break the version update and think 9.1.0 9.0.0 9.2.0 encryption almost same:grog:
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    Hacking New 3DS FlashCart - Sky3DS firmware 9.0

    same idea with you:) buy GW for son recently
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    Hacking New 3DS FlashCart - Sky3DS firmware 9.0

    sky3ds break hack any 3ds version until now and will bring lots of users for enjoying the 3ds games kingdom Dwtechz show.
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    can download the omega 2.4 not beta
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    Hacking Coming back to my DS after a few years, best flashcart of my three?

    These three cards are all very old version cards and some of them stop update, recommend you use the r4 Revolution for DS, it is the highest compatibility ,and it can support much games...
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    Hacking New R4I Gold 3DS RTS problem?

    The r4i gold rts card can not play 3ds games like animal acrossing, it can only play ds games, If you want to play 3ds games you can choose mt-card, which can play 3ds games like pokemon XY and Animal crossing you can choose mt-card..
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    Hacking R4i Gold Deluxe Edition firmware 4.0B1 is released

    Nice!the r4i gold deluxe edition card released the great news again , and I always wait for the great news of it, i really want the firmware v4.0B2 will released soon so we can play multi-games on r4i gold deluxe edition cards.
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    Hardware r4i working with latest software?

    i think you mean the r4i gold rts card,if that it can directly support the 3ds v7.2.0-17, if not the r4i gold rts card you can view the official website update, whether it can support the v7.1.0-16, it release on the official website..
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    Hacking Green R4i 3d from problem

    Yeah!recommend you buy r4i gold rts card or r4i sdhc rts card , since they both are the cheap cards, r4i gold rts card use the wood firmware which 100%games compatible , recommend you buy from r4i gold rts card official website reseller.
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    Hacking Ace3ds non-plus

    this is a very old card and its new version is ace 3ds plus which can play on latest v7.2.0-17 and v1.4.5 , This old one are stop produce so no one test the function now, please buy a new card
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    Hacking Ace3ds plus refuses to update.

    it seems fake card,you can just buy from the official website reseller..
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    Hacking 3DS Flashcart with Paypal???

    Mind you money on paypal are limited , so recommend you buy ACE 3DS PLUS CARD which are the cheapest card on website, and You can choose the official website reseller, which are reliable and some of them can accept paypal.
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