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    Hardware How can i safely plug in an american Xbox 360 in germany?

    just use an European (German) Power Supply and you're good to go, Both Power Supplies outputs 12v. You can use a Trinity Mainboard PSU on a Corona Mainboard, but (maybe) not the other way. I wouldn't bother using a transformer because you end up paying more. DON'T PLUG THE US ADAPTER INTO...
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    Nintendo used the TX court case to "send a message", Gary Bowser's health potentially at risk in prison

    I can't belive how toxic you guys are. Nintendo is a bullshit company, they are breaking the law by selling flawed hardware like those shitty joycons where the analog sticks are drifting after a few weeks or the switch itself where the stupid Charging IC keeps failing and they refuse to repair...
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    Hacking UDPIH: USB Host Stack exploit + Recovery Menu

    I will try to unbrick a wii U that doesn't boot further than the wii u logo. It would be nice to get this wii u working again.
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    Hacking HWFly Lite modchip does not start

    I would try to fix the bad looking solder joints on sp1 and sp2 by using Noa little bit of noclean flux, flux will make the solder joints look clean and show if there is a connection issue or solder bridge. Left side of sp1 doesn't look soldered which would prevent the console from booting, I...
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    Can someone tell me how to hack my xbox 360 E?

    you have to solder in a Mod Chip and post fix, read the Nand from your Xbox360, flash xell to your xbox360 nand, write down the CPU Key, create an RGH Image and flash it to your xbox360 Nand. There are Guides that explains it more in Detail but have in mind that if you never moded a console...
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    Ocarina of Time fan PC port to release April 1

    And I’m going to release my watch dogs port for Gameboy on April 1st 2022
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    Nintendo is shutting down the Wii U and 3DS eShop in March 2023

    I got that feeling that Nintendo is doing this on purpose. First they take down the shops so that nobody can access their digital contents anymore, then they are waiting for rom sites to appear. After that they are going to sue the rom site holders. That’s another way for Nintendo to make Money...
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    Nintendo is shutting down the Wii U and 3DS eShop in March 2023

    ...and that's why I don't buy any Digital Contents.
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    The U.S. government is seeking a five-year sentence for Team Xecuter's Gary Bowser

    Nintendo is a Bullshit Company what kind of Damage did TX did to them? If the Nintendo Switch would never been Hacked, the Console would have been Sold lees. Not everybody is a Pirate and Pirates wouldn't buy any Games anyway so what are they talking about? I purchased a lot of Games only...
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    RGH stopped recognizing all discs

    you don't need the Original Firmware. On a RGH Console the DVD Keys can obtained by booting xell. Turn on your Xbox360 with the Eject Button. In Xell your Xbox360 will display you DVD Key. To generate the iXtreme LT+ Firmware just download it from a Website, open Jungleflasher and load the...
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    [POLL] Have you had Covid-19 before?

    the biggest Problem is that the Government, they are lying to People and now they are trying to force People to get vaccinated. The Government should have act early on but they did not, just remember People like Trump who said: "Covid is a Hoax it's a Scam" and then he wanted People to take a...
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    [POLL] Have you had Covid-19 before?

    @Lacius I think you don't understand what I meant. Most People are just Stupid, that's why a lot of People think that if they are vaccinated they don't have to wear a Mask or keep the Distance anymore and go back to their old life. Every time I go shopping for Food People do the Covid...
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    RGH stopped recognizing all discs

    You have 3 Options Option 1: Replace the PCB on the new Drive with the one from the OLD Drive. Option 2: Replace the Laser from the Old Drive with the one from the new Drive Option 3: Read the Drive Key from the Old Drive or From Xell and flash the latest iXtreme LT Firmware with your Drive Key...
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    [POLL] Have you had Covid-19 before?

    I'm not telling anybody to get or get not Vaccinated but the Vaccine doesn't Protect you, it only lowers the chance to Die
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    [POLL] Have you had Covid-19 before?

    I never had Covid and let me tell you a Secret how to avoid getting infected. 1. Avoid going partying 2. Always wear your Mask when you go outside and change it daily. 3. Avoid going outside/shopping for no reason 4. If you go shopping keep your Distance (A lot of People think that wearing a...
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