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    ROM Hack Nintendo 3ds Japanese -> english translation petition 2

    Good day my name is Drew Quashie and I am advocating for the 3ds retirement to be one of the best for all 3ds players. My plan is for Nintendo to translate their best japanese titles to other languages and western titles to japanese and release them on eshop to make the 3ds retirement one to...
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    ROM Hack having trouble using gba simulator on 3ds

    try using twilight menu but you will need the gba bios file
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    ROM Hack Is it possible to change 3DS menu audio?

    you will need custom firmware
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    ROM Hack [THE] 3DS Translation Request Topic

    Game Name: Attack on titan 2 : future coordinates (Shingeki no Kyoujin 2: Mirai no Zahyou) Developer/Publisher: Spike Chunsoft Release: November 30, 2017 Genre: Action Does it have lots of text? only the menus and mission information text would be needed but diologue will not therefore not...
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