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    Hacking Any way to make a homebrew app that can bypass the stupid 292 game limit?

    You're a virtual hoarder. Cut back. Get some help. It's the same sickness of the ones asking for the 3ds limit to be raised. Play a game...delete it. Add another, and play it. Don't keep saying 'I'll add this one, for when I have time or I'll get it eventually...'. You know better.
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    Hardware Will it be hard to get a switch if you don't get one on launch?

    Questions like these invite speculating on speculations... Nobody knows. Gamers (we're odd creatures), especially the Nintendo followers. There're zero reasons to get a Switch at launch unless you're dying to play a new Zelda (and don't have a Wiiu), or love to simulate milking cows. But, if...
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    Digital Nintendo Switch games potentially cannot be shared, locked to one console at a time

    Apple devices, Microsoft devices, Sony devices for the last 10 years have allowed the buyer of digital content to use such content at the same time (yes the same time) on multiple devices. Everybody knows Nintendo still refuses, but Nintendo fan boys are the most blind in the entire industry...
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    Nintendo Confirms Breath of the Wild as last first party WiiU game

    The problem is that to be a true Nintendo fan you must be a masochist, and have tons of disposable income. So, none of that 'logic' matters. At the same time, it's their money they keep flushing down the toilet. To this day, the very simple question of 'Are you finally going to fix this VC...
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    Hacking [Guide] Install a9lh without buying anything in 11.2

    Just one question: Why does your short guide include a link to one of the oldest versions of SafeA9HL installers, instead of the most recent?
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    Homebrew Working dsiwarehax installer with waithax/slowhax

    Thanks. Done with my last system (black N3ds). Works as advertised, but I'm not certain where the 20 minutes estimate came from on N3ds. It's definitely taking about 69 minutes. The rest of the process was just as usual. Got the frankenfirm at the 9.2 point, but after doing that part a few...
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    Hacking Can we all agree that no one should use the OTPless install for now?

    You will always hear from those that were negatively affected first. I did two with the 2.1 method and 2 with the new OTPless. All worked without a single hitch. Each user should do as they see fit, since it's their money and hardware.
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    Tutorial OTPLess A9LH installer On 9.2(N3DS ONLY)

    Just out of curiosity what version of the arm9loaderhax is contained within the attached zip file? The stage1 and stage2 payloads in the attachment that was posted do not match the noscreen or the screeninit versions of what's on Aurora Wright's precompiled binaries.
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    Hacking New Super Mario 3D Land 10.7 to 9.2 downgrade error

    During the partial downgrades, in particular when using OOThax, it may be difficult to launch the exploit when in partial downgrade. Attempt the 10.7 and the 9.2 payloads. If neither works, then do a system format (yes I know, not really great to do in frankenfirm), and try again...
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    Homebrew 10.7 partial downgrade

    Well, most folks that ask for help with a downgrade is because it's partial and they're unable to launch homebrew. If you're able to launch homebrew already, then it's up to you how you want to proceed. You would want to start by making a nand backup of course. If however, you have interest in...
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    Homebrew 10.7 partial downgrade

    Well, none of the titles he listed have anything to do with the browser. At some point misinformation took over. Hope he doesn't brick his console.
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    Homebrew 10.7 partial downgrade

    Stop. So much misinformation on the Temp today. Why is it that people are intent on helping even when they don't know what they're doing: ------------------------------------These 3 titles can be found in a regular old 3ds downgrade pack------------------------------- 0004009B00010602 -...
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    Hacking Just updated to A9Lh. What are some do's and don'ts?

    Let me hijack the thread a bit, while still on topic: Since I just converted two of my n3ds, is it safe to update via game cartridge as well. Or are updates only safe via the System settings option? Not much of an online player, so if I can update to something somewhat recent (instead of the...
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    Gaming ctrtransfer Question

    There's no unbricking step. You simply transfer the image to your 9.2 or 9.0 new3ds (being careful to not put it in sleep or something silly). Then you follow the steps to get your OTP, and it's right back to 9.2 via nand or emunand flash (whatever firm your emunand had).
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    Gaming ctrtransfer Question

    I'm not going to comment on its safety, but converted 2 systems (1 new3ds from scratch, and another new3dsxl from existing emunand) using it and it was very simple. Followed instructions and not a single problem.
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