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    "Retro-futurist western" indie FPS 'ExeKiller' announced

    I love post apocalyptic movies. Not much into the games except maybe maybe contra 3. Rather have it be a cheap b movie with some good acting.
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    What song are you currently listening to?

    Sounds like nuclear war and end of the world.
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    The Sonic movie's theme song is called "Speed Me Up", and is performed by Wiz Khalifa

    I was listening to Michael Jackson's song Speed Demon today and thought it would go perfect with the sonic movie and then see this post. lol Plus Michael was know for doing some of the sonic the hedgehog 3's genesis music.
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    Luigi's Mansion 3 gets a release date for this Halloween

    Cool I guess Hotel Mario came full circle. "All toasters toast toast." lol
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    UPDATE: Harvest Moon: Friends of Mineral Town will be getting a remake on the Switch, is headed west

    Wish it was a remake of the original SNES one. Thats the best one in my opinion and the only one I could get into besides Animal Parade.
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    Yacht Club Games announces Cyber Shadow, a new ninja platforming game

    Looks like a mixture of NES games Ninja Gaiden, Batman, Shatterhand, and Metroid. Pretty sweet. Makes me wish I had a Switch.
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    Nintendo's Reggie Fils-Aime will be retiring later this year

    Uh oh. Lets hope this doesn't mean Nintendo will go social justice warrior just like Marvel, Star Wars, Doctor Who, Ghostbusters and do who knows what to Mario etc. They are already trying to get their hands on anime now to ruin it.
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    What show(s)/movie(s) have you seen a gazillion times and can still happily watch again?

    Im old so...The Last Starfighter obviously because of my avatar. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles first movie (the non michael bay crap), Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (cartoon), Honey I Shrunk The Kids, Back To The Future Trilogy, Quantum Leap (tv series), The Goonies, Howard The Duck, National...
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    Hacking Discussion Switch update is live

    Stabilizers on captain.
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    Gaming Nintendo Switch firmware 5.0.0 released

    I don't even own a switch and I thought this was the 7.0 update. lmao
  11. dmace81

    Gaming Nintendo Switch firmware 5.0.0 released

    Sounds like they are going to stabilize the hell out of it.
  12. dmace81

    Stealth, of Sonic Mania fame, attempted to pitch a Darkwing Duck game to Capcom, was turned down

    I guess Capcom don't want boat loads of money. That or the licensing with disney would cost them to much.
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    Nintendo wins legal case over ROM site, site owner ordered to pay $12 million in damages

    Jesus christ! I can just see it now they will start paying Internet providers to search out people who download roms and fine them!
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    Sony reveals full game list for the PlayStation Classic and opens pre-orders

    Wow can't believe no wipeout game, no gran turismo, no castlevania, no gex, no tomb raider, no tony hawk, no air combat game, no alundra, no silent hill, and no parrapa the rapper. What a rip off. Imagine that Japan gets better.
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    Mega Man will be getting a live action movie

    Mega Man by someone off MTV? I guess it will go WOKE and go BROKE. And here I thought Capcom was doing smart decisions lately.
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