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    Homebrew Question Amiibo NFC tag page 23

    I was looking at the wiki entry for the amiibo NFC tag data and I saw that page 23 of the NFC tag is listed as being unknown, has anyone figured out what data is stored in this page?
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    Star Wars Episode 1: Racer faces a delay a day prior to its release date

    Depending on who you ask, a remaster could just be a lazy port that isn't much better than running the original in an emulator at high-res... But it could also mean something more akin to a complete remake with brand new textures and whatnot.... That or somewhere in between If all they did...
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    Homebrew Question Mario 64 port?

    These ports are so cool, but I wonder if they had been compiled to use the original assets form the rom files if they would've turned out differently...
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    Homebrew 3DS Theme Parser

    I made this a while ago for something else, but I figured some people might find it useful It's a tool to extract the data from a 3DS theme file, this includes images and sound files along with a json file with all the theme colors. It's written...
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    Homebrew WIP SNES Classic Launcher For Nintendo Switch

    this was a project that used the original assets from the SNES classic, on discord it was being pitched as a small binary that would read the theme on the classic and present a UI functionally equivalent to the original but without the various bugs. it was also going to have support for the...
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    Homebrew WIP SNES Classic Launcher For Nintendo Switch

    I see you left the Discord server, if you aren't working on this any more I really hope you consider releasing the source code you have so far. It'd be a shame for this to just disappear.
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    Hacking Is my WiiU now dead?

    Maybe I misunderstood it, but he said
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    Hacking Is my WiiU now dead?

    since you can still boot into the homebrew launcher, can't you just uninstall CBHC?
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    Hacking [Tool] Joy-Con Toolkit

    Really sorry if this has been asked, but any chance of NFC tag read/write capability along with a dll other programs could use? being able to backup and restore amiibo info would be handy when smash comes out. I tried the search, but it wasn't really co-operating...
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    Hacking How to use Nintendo switch online app on pc
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    Hacking How to use Nintendo switch online app on pc

    BlueStacks should also work with chat support
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    Hardware System volume information

    Mac OS X does a similar thing, it creates a .Trashes folder at the root of the drive, .DS_Store files in just about every folder and ._ files for almost anything you copy or write to the SD card from the Mac. The reason for the .DS_Store and ._ files is that FAT32 just doesn't support the...
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    Hardware [Tutorial] Improve your Switch's Wi-Fi signal, and fix the NAT Type to "A".

    The instructions that Nintendo provides is to forward ports 1 through 65535... (all of them...) I would much rather that they used smaller port ranges with trigger ports... I don't like having UPnP enabled for security reasons and I don't want to DMZ my Switch just to get NAT type A...
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    Homebrew [Release] FBI - Open source CIA installer

    @Steveice10 Sorry if this has been mentioned before, but would it be possible to add the ability to install a 3DS/CCI/CXI directly without converting it to a CIA first? Also, if that's possible, would that enable direct installation of a 3DS cartridge to the system? (can you even access the 3DS...
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    Gaming Nintendo 2014 Press Kit

    Nothing of interest was saved, just the info page...
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