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    Hacking Backup Loader Gamma Error 249 Verbatim DVD-Rs

    Ok so your a mac user like i am. I use a app called "Burn" and it just does that... burn. I had some errors using Disk Utility then i switch and have had zero issues.
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    Hacking Sony DVD+R for burning Wii games

    Dvd+r did not work for me. Switched to -r and they work perfect.
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    Hacking New Springless DSTT?!?

    right one possibly a fake? All my dstts do not have the card logo on the back. And i recently got one.
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    Hacking DSTT website down

    Site down so often this isnt news anymore till N shuts them down.
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    Xbox with 53 Emulators Installed this might help out. Its a auto installer for the xbox. I used it to unlock your hdd and it does the work to setup most things. its been a few years since i have done xbox modding
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    Gaming DD-WRT Micro

    not to say your dumb but i have done this... Apply Settings. I had a issue for a while and i just thought to apply settings and then it worked.
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    How good is this Tv?

    sharps are one of the best in the biz of lcds
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    Hacking MicroSD Problem (DSTT)

    the microsd reader that comes with the DSTT is a hit or miss. I got one that gives me errors all the time and one that works great. I would get a good reader from walmart target best buy or future shop since your up north. Give that a try and format the card then. probably just a crappy reader.
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    Gaming OLD TV & New Xbox 360

    a rf is not going to look "fine." it will be blurry and not high quality. Although i understand this is all you have a option to but i would ask for a Tv for Christmas.
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    Hacking Dstt's sales have plummeted

    yeh the dstt is sold out and has been for a while i have noticed. When i ordered one for a family member 2 weeks ago they where all sold out expect the 1gig Card bundle.
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    Hacking Help - "There is no DS card inserted"

    its a bad card.. get another one. I am on my second card and it works awesome.
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    Hacking Is this a really good fake? (from RHS)

    there is a thread i am aware of pictures of other peoples r4s in the forum. i would post you stuff there for them to look and compare.
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    Sennheiser over all is your greatest headphone. I like the 280pros. SkullCandy is a decent cheap headphone but the build quality sucks. Been through 3 pairs in 2 months. Phillips makes good headphone in the same price range as Skullcandy. Sony MDR SA and V are great quality headphones as well. I...
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    Gaming So I opened up my 360 and..

    run a disc cleaner through it.... More than likely its a bad drive. If less you smoke around you 360 and have had it since launch i doubt the lense is dirty.
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