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    ROM Hack RELEASE SMOSE - Super Mario Odyssey Save Editor

    Is it possible to edit the date of acquisition of power moons in this editor? I screwed up my clock and it says I acquired a moon in 2037 before I realized what happened Edit: It would be good enough if I could just reset the moons to like I didn't get them, and then get them again with the...
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    Hacking 3.60 henkaku to 3.65 H-encore

    Don't update, 3.60 is superior because the hack is so much easier and more reliable to do. That's important if your system ever needs to be restored, plus you'd have to go through the 3.65 process at least once which can be frustrating to troubleshoot sometimes.
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    Gaming Re: Newer Wiis having superior component output

    Hey guys, I read about this rumor originally on RetroRGB or some site like that. I decided to plop 40 bucks down on a red Wii on Ebay and see for myself if I could sell my GC component cables and make 200 bucks on them. I confirmed my Red Wii was the 60 revision board with GC ports. Part of the...
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    ROM Hack [Release] Ultimate GBA VC Injector for 3DS

    Tried a new ROM and it worked. The one I had before was a homerip from my own cart made on a DS Lite, so I maybe I did something weird there. I didn't think that was it because the ROM worked perfectly everywhere else for years. Thanks dudes. I used SST flash save type without RTC
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    ROM Hack [Release] Ultimate GBA VC Injector for 3DS

    No luck, game still can't save. This version allows you to configure 2 types of flash save, SST and Panasonic, which also can be configured + RTC. I tried both kinds without RTC and any saves/changes to the save file made during gameplay do not register on rebooting the injection.
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    ROM Hack [Release] Ultimate GBA VC Injector for 3DS

    I'm having a lot of trouble making a good CIA for the japanese, unmodified Mother 3 rom. I can actually get it to apparently work perfectly by SRAM patching it through the injector, as some people have found is a decent workaround. My problem with this is I have a save game backup that traces...
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