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    Gaming Holy crap look at MetaCritic :<

    GTA: CW was fun for a little while but I got tired of it quickly. Its Metacritic what do you expect, it averages reviews scores; despite the fact the value of a particular score varies depending on the review. A 9/10 from one reviewer is not the same as a 9/10 from another.
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    DS #3540: Henry Hatsworth In The Puzzling Adventure (Europe)

    Great game, love the sound effects for the voices very amusing. Good show!
  3. Commander

    vamp WIP

    Really nice work, one criticism though is that the lower leg seems a little thin. Keep up the great work.
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    Gaming How many times have you died in N+?

    00 02 05 07 00 00 12 15 00 00 06 00 Completed the entire game was easy compared to the PC version.
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    Gaming Google to release web browser

    And so the monopoly grows. I am sticking to FF3 it does what I need.
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    Gaming Need a Video Card

    Get a 4870, don't waste your time or money on a Nvidia card.
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    Gaming Anybody know more about this

    That was to do with Virgin Media broadband and the British music industry. I continued to download music and never received a warning letter, I believe the plan is now over. If they do sue you for downloading video games you can simply sue them back for invasion of privacy. If I am not mistaken...
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    Gaming Specs for my new computer

    I recommend getting a quad core, the Intel C2Q Q6600 is the best option and its only £120, so about $240 is you do an "average" conversion. Also get a 4870X2, the X2 beats nvidia's best card the 280 and is alot cheaper, in tests it was anywhere between 8% to 34% better in terms of its...
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    Gaming GTAIV PC confirmed for November!

    Didn't see this one coming. What makes this even better is that the PC version will most likely include the "exclusive" 360 DLC except for the PC the extra DLC will be free and the game is going to cost up to £20 less the the console counterparts. I doubt the system requirements will be that...
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    Gaming Midori

    Yay the "cloud" more useless stuff, it will simply be an app you run of your PC that will act like an OS, you can't not have an OS running on PC else it sort of doesn't work. So you will require not only lets say Windows [Enter Version] but a little app to run on Windows its somewhat flawed, it...
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    Gaming GTAIV Confirmed for PC

    Bully: Scholarship Edition has also now been listed for PC evaluation by the ESRB so looks like PC will be getting 2 Rockstar games in the coming year/s.
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    Nintendo Takes Action Against Flash Cart Makers

    And how long have DS flash carts been around now.
  13. Commander

    Gaming COMODO Firewall makes my Windows XP boot up SLOW

    I never had any problems with Comodo Firewall on my Windows XP x64 setup, try google searching I am sure some other people have had similar problems. Or change to another firewall, such as ZoneAlarm Free. You don't even really need a firewall, they only protect you from other people on your...
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    Hardware recommend a video card?

    4870 X2, it is going to be awesome, but it isn't out till later this year.
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    Gaming utorrent help

    Are you using the static port or do you have it on "Randomize port each time uTorrent is launched"? If thats the case you need to choose a port above 15000 is what I would recommend. And untick the box that turns on randomized ports.
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