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    Hacking M3 Lite Help! Black Screens.

    I don't think that is it. Because I get the same problem when i shove the MicroSD into an SD adapter and then put that into my M3 Slim. So it can't be the connects. Also if this was the problem, how would I be able to play GBA games. Of course I will try it when i get home, hell I'll try...
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    Hacking M3 Lite Help! Black Screens.

    I tried using my good ol 4-1 writer/reader, also tried using my camera docking station to load to no avail. I can't test the pressing method now cause I'm at work card is at home. I'm hoping it is the reader/writer. I still need to test with my friend's micro SD. but that's in like a week.
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    Hacking M3 Lite Help! Black Screens.

    Hello all, I'm in a bit of a pickle here. I bought an M3 Lite Card for my gf. I have an m3 slimSD works great no problems. Here's the setup. Passcard 3 Kingston 1 GB MicroSD M3 Lite After the Passcard 3 splash I get black screens. I have updated the firmware to 29 in GBA mode. When I...
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    ROM Hack roms online

    Well I'm actually happy this got confirmed. I searched alot, but all the searches that I ran with "ban" came up with forum bans. Not actual Wifi bans. Thanks for the info. Although I had already PM'ed some guy and he was more than happy to let me know. Thanks guys this forum rocks my socks.
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    Hacking Just Order EZPass2 and SuperCard SD

    Hi guys, I was going to get the same setup but was wondering about wifi. If you use this setup will nintendo ban you from their network or anything like that? Sorry about jumping on this post, but a total noob here. -Civ
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