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    Apple How to fix error 2005 when upgrading iphone

    Hi I am having a bit of trouble updating my iphone 4 4.3.3 to ios 5. I keeping running into errors originally I was getting 1934 so I changed my host files but that didn't fix, so I downloaded Tiny Umbrella and ran the tss server and that put a stop to that error. Now I am getting error code...
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    Hacking need some hlep with acekard 2i

    This is the first time I have had any problems with an acekard. I have a 2i that works in my 3ds and dsl but I cant get it to work on my dsi xl. I update to the lastest firmware on both the dsi and acekard but the probelm keeps repeating. The problem I am have is its booting games to a white...
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    Hacking Need help running gt5

    I have the modified eboot and edited the sfo but when I try to play the game it sends me back to the xmb. I am using a psjailbreak i am not sure if their payload is supported for this game Has any one got this game running using a psjailberak?
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    buliding tables in xhtml

    I was wonder if anyone could help me make the following to tables in xhtml
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    Help me design an great GIF

    I want to make a great GIF for a blog but need some ideas and examples. I want it to be video game related I was thinking of something with the 3 current consoles or something of the likes.
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    Tutorial Modify ANY Wii 4.3 & below

    Smash stack keeps freezing on me I am trying to do a 4.3u wii and when I enter stage building it freezes and i have no super smash bros data on the wii
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    Time to Upgrade to a new wireless router. Which is better?

    the wii should work with a b/g/n router
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    Time to Upgrade to a new wireless router. Which is better?

    I still have an old wirless b router which is giving issues. I am looking at the two following routers which do you think is better and why? LINKSYS WRT160N ULTRA RANGEPLUS WIRELESS-N WIFI ROUTER or Netgear WNR1000 RangeMax 150 Wireless N Router 802.11n thanks in advance
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    USA Sellers for buying blank media

    I wanted to buy some stuff from ck3 but shipping was over 20 bucks. I was looking at buying some Xlayer 8x Dual Layer DVD+R DL (25 Pack) and Infiniti 360 8x White Full-Face Printable Dual Layer DVD+R DL (25 Pack) So I was wondering if there are any US seller anyone knows of were shipping is...
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    Gaming remote shutdown,restart

    i have my computers setup for remote control but how do i set it up so i can shut them down from my laptop
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    Update my jailbroken iPhone 3g 3.1.3 to ios 4

    I want to update my iphone 3g 3.1.3 to ios 4 and then jailbreak it again but I don't want to lose my apps from rock and cydia along with my setting repo and more is there a way to back this stuff then restore?
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    Homebrew wifi wep dump app

    I forgot my wep key but have my wii connected to it. I remember a homebrew app that came out that lets you dump you wep key but don't remember the name. Anyone Know?
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    Fresh approach on traffic

    Whats your fresh approach on traffic?
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