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    Homebrew Splatoon Song File Names?

    Hmm, I'm not so sure, btu it would probably be lying around in the game's sound folders. And should have something with all the files of the game.
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    Gaming So Is it possible to add multiplayer/co-op to a singeplayer story mode

    it is possible, you'd have to rework some of the game, but you should be able to do it.
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    Gaming Why was Minecraft never released for Wii?

    Here is a serious response: 1.The Wii is not capable of making worlds big, if anyway it would only be making 256 x 256 x 256 block worlds. 2.The Wii was dead at the time. 3.The Wii would only be able to handle 1 mob at a time.
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    Homebrew Wii U transfer tool without an SD card?

    Just go get an sd card, you cannot use HomeBrew without it.
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    Homebrew Wii U Plugin System

    Hey dude, this is pretty lit. I might consider trying this on my Wii U, and might develop some nice stuff for it!
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    Hacking ROBLOX on WIIU ?

    Yes, you can play roblox on the wii u, but, you will either have to install windows on there(Replaces the wii u entirely and you'll need to change the parts), The linux application to get it to run (That will be slow but it should work), or you could develop it on the wii u homebrew but I don't...
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    Hardware Largest SD Card for wii/vwii

    You should be able to use that, if you are using it as a vwii/wii game holder. Format the SD card to be fat32. Which you cannot do normally with sd cards higher than 32gb. But using GUIFormat you should be able to do this. If it still fails.Then get a 32gb sd card as the wii sd channel can only...
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    Homebrew Wii U system settings

    Oh, I don't know about that one, but you could find it with a file explorer.
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    Homebrew is there an app to clear out the friends list?

    Well, that would be some challenge, but I'd think upon launch it would take control of the wii u, and would obviously count how many friends and manually unfriend the users. Not sure on it though.
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    Homebrew quick question

    Okay, get your Raw game files, ( I cannot explain how to get the games you want to install because copyright and legal reasons) Make a folder on your sd card called Install. (Word for word exact letters, no mistakes) Put your games in there. Get WUP Installer (or whatever it's called) [From the...
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    Homebrew Possibility of haxchi using a wii u app?

    Yea, health and safety would be best bet, but if you have Cold Boot Haxchi, then you wouldn't be able to uninstall it
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    Homebrew Wii U system settings

    Wii U system settings are in the settings app, and if you're blind then check for the grey wrench, simple.
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    Homebrew Wiiflow lite 5.2.0 miss a lot of covers

    To solve this just simply go in the sd card files and change the icons to your own or rename some stock ones
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    Homebrew Possibility of haxchi using a wii u app?

    Well, I know it requires a ds game. And replacing one of the stock apps is stupid. So probably crunchyroll or some other free app on the store COULD be replaced with haxchi, Chances of this happening are low, I mean pretty low. But there's a possibility.
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    Homebrew Do I have to update to 5.5.4 to play online?

    Well yes you sorta require to update to 5.5.4 to play online. But you MIGHT be able to bypass that and play online via 5.5.3
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