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    PS1/2 Possibility of Tales of Destiny DC English Patch

    So Kazen has their been any progress? I'm willing to help out is there a way I can reach you perhaps? Discord? I'll also send you a DM but I don't check that much on here.
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    PS1/2 Possibility of Tales of Destiny DC English Patch

    It's great to hear this has been picked up by someone. Sad that Omega Tempest can't help, they seemed very adamant about creating a translation for this, wonder what happened, I also noticed they removed the youtube videos they created of the translation for this game. I'm involved in game...
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    Hacking Tales of Destiny 2 English Patch - PSP JP Text Rip Required!

    Just finished playing through this and found myself feeling really sad that so many people have not been able to experience this incredible game. Using a translation guide + menu patch makes it possible to enjoy the game but it's seriously not the full experience. You have my full support, if...
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    GBAtemp Exclusive Smash Bros. Ultimate - online tournament - watch on Twitch

    I'd like to be entered under the name "Colors" located in EST
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    Give-away Give-Away! Vogek On-Ear Headset

    I'm going for the black one! Thanks gbatemp
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    Give-away Retroflag update SUPERpi cases with faux cartridge slots + GIVE-AWAY!

    Sounds awesome! Hoping luck is on my side :D :D
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    Hacking Accidental Update HELP!

    Figured out what the problem was and got the games to boot. I have one more problem though for some reason though my DevMenu 6.x Definitive Edition won't work. Still says Corrupted data has been detected. Please run a check for corrupt data and then asks me to check or cancel. Should I run the...
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    Hacking Accidental Update HELP!

    Added the sigpatches, games will still not boot.
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    Hacking Accidental Update HELP!

    Where might I find these?
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    Hacking Accidental Update HELP!

    I already set up the latest Atmosphere as you guys instructed me too above and the games are all failing to launch. I also updated my Hekate to the latest version. I can't get any installed games to run. According to the system info, I'm on 8.0.1 + (AMS 0.8.9)
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    Hacking Accidental Update HELP!

    Just checked my burnt fuses and it says I have 6/64, I've done updates via ChoiDujourNX but never a downgrade. Is the process the same or is anything different?
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    Hacking Accidental Update HELP!

    Ok just tried what you suggested, heres what I did and the result. System now boots up, I can access homebrew menu and run apps normally. I cannot however boot any games, software won't launch and trying running Devmenu 6.x gives me a corruption error. Do I need to downgrade to play my...
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    Hacking Accidental Update HELP!

    Ok so I using my switch last night with a few friends to play a multiplayer game. I dropped it into my dock which has a usb ethernet adapter plugged into it. When I dropped the switch in the dock and then realized the adapter was still plugged in but I quickly unplugged the adapter from the...
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    Hacking Updated to 7.0.1, can no longer access Hekate or boot games

    I went into the .ini and autoboot was set to 1. I changed it to 0 and that solved the problem, thanks stick!
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    Latest version of bsnes emulator allows for "HD" Mode 7 upscaling

    What is the game shown in the screen shot of the OP?
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