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    DS #1417: MySims (Europe)

    I tried the SC "fix" and it works, but I don't know why, but in the midst of running in the game, it just froze. Boo.
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    DS #1408: Scrabble Interactive 2007 Edition (Europe)

    Between Scrabulous on Facebook and this DS game, I'm gonna become a Scrabble dork.
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    SvSIP: use your DS as a phone!

    I tried it in the middle last night and it just didn't work. Today I tried it just for the hell of it and it worked! There's some lagging for the call receiver but still is one neat program.
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    SvSIP: use your DS as a phone!

    I am getting disconnected too, after all the end of packet stuff. Canada DOES also use 001 but I don't know why this ain't working.
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    DS #1233: Deal or No Deal (USA)

    IAWTC. Playing the game part is kinda entertaining, like how I would play the online version of Deal or No Deal. But besides what was mentioned, OMG listening to Howie Mandel and seeing his pixelated little head is so irksome. Of all game show hosts out there, I find his presence the most blood...
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    DS #1108: The New York Times Crosswords (USA)

    I love crosswords. I'm quite interested to see how this is ported to a DS format. Let's see how it is!
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    Hacking 0979 Purr Pals and 0985 Cake (not working SC Lite)

    Cake Mania works for me on my Supercard Lite. =\
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    DS #0985: Cake Mania (USA)

    Great! Thanks for the link I always liked Diner Dash more than Cake Mania, in terms of my addictive Pop Cap games.
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    DS #0985: Cake Mania (USA)

    awesome! I WISH diner dash was also on DS.
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    DS #0823: Hotel Dusk: Room 215 (USA)

    Are there really? I'm reading on gamefaqs there are 2? Jenny and Mila. Maybe slightly variations of each one? Apparently after the credits roll (I'd turned off the game by then) something happens. Don't wanna spoil it. But anyway, I'd be curious to hear what happens in this Jenny ending.
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    DS #0823: Hotel Dusk: Room 215 (USA)

    I just finished the game too. Too bad I missed an opportunity to use my coins and try using the stupid vending machine. Interesting game but not much replay value. I played it through once and I won't want to play it again for a VERY long time. Even for the vending machine part. What do you...
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    Gaming Hotel Dusk: Room 215

    Hey, just out of curiousity, when you get booted out and then there's a flashback to what went wrong... then you get the Game Over title and the choices of restarting where you left off, does it restart WHERE you went wrong so you can try again without getting booted or does it restart where you...
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    Gaming Hotel Dusk: Room 215

    HELP! 5:40 / chapter 2 So apparently I've gotten myself into a jam and I've tried MULTIPLE ways of answering and I still end up getting booted by Dunning. I just finished going through everything in the Main office, got the red box, did all I had to do in there and went out. Louis caught me...
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    Gaming Hotel Dusk: Room 215

    So I am in chapter 2, after I've paid Dunning the money and he's left the front desk to go to his room. I've gone back upstairs to talk to the lady with the eye patch. Now I seem to be wandering around, trying to progress in the story... what should I do now? I've gone all over the hotel, going...
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    DS #0836: Diddy Kong Racing DS (USA)

    Aww. I guess no worky for me too. And it sounds like a crapload of fun too.
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