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    Hacking 3DS New System Update 9.X.X

    I bought the game too but then I can't play all the other games online backed up on the card.
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    Hacking Gateway 3DS Availability

    Everyone says the gateway comes with an r4 card basically but the sites i see that sell it only show it with the 3DS card
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    Footage From Cancelled "Legend of Zelda" Movie Pitch Surfaces

    This was a 4/1 joke. Look at the date on the bottom left of the video. It launched on 4/1.
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    lolSnes, NEW DS EMU

    Is there much of a market for this? I just use the one that comes on the DSTwo (handles GBA and NES, too).
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    Gateway Release New Video - First Units To Ship This Week

    Is this thing dead? These delays are feeling a little Crowny. If they actually shipped last week someone would have it already (there would easily be someone who would have overnighted one).
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    Gateway Release New Video - First Units To Ship This Week

    lol you make micro sd sound like a cd-r. Just have one or two and then backup your saves and replace the game inside with new ones. If you're a finnicky gamer who tries to beat several games at once before finishing one then sure, it's going to require more sd cards but I can't really feel bad...
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    Free Torchlight on GOG for 48 hours

    eh, this isn't like some episodic story game...TL1 is inferior in every way so unless you haven't played either one, it's not even worth the time to download it
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    Hacking Gateway 3DS - First 3DS Flashcart

    what a shame...the 3DS library is still pretty slim (of quality titles) and the card won't be able to work when the library finally fills out
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    Hacking Gateway 3DS - First 3DS Flashcart

    He put "NOTHING PLAYS 3DS ROMS / 3DS STILL NOT HACKED" and a "/" means an alternative description so clearly he considers hackable being able to play 3DS ROMS. He can at least update the sticky to say that something is coming. Not everyone looks at the home page (forums bookmarked). So you're...
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    Hacking Gateway 3DS - First 3DS Flashcart

    tj_cool really needs to get rid of the pointless sticky about it not being hackable now
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    Hacking 3DS Hack: "We hacked it"

    I'm surprised Nintendo has outsmarted the world's community of hackers. They should just quit making games and consoles and just work on government security. They'd make crazy money. That or hardly anyone is even trying to hack the 3DS since handhelds are a dying breed and mobile gaming is...
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    ROM Hack [NDS] Blood of Bahamut - Open Translation

    Don't bother. He doesn't finish his projects.
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    Hacking Supercard DSTwo Raffle. May Raffle;#entry2817128
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