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    Hardware Avoid dock scratching your Switch

    The sad part is that the little plastic stand for the Wii U gamepad had rubber wheels at the bottom for stability. Instead of the Switch dock having hard plastic guides they could have just designed it to use those rubber wheels with a spring behind them to keep the Switch stable. Pretty good...
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    Hardware Nintendo changed the Joy-Con strap design?

    Weren't you always able to take it off by pulling it in the same direction that you put it on? People would get it stuck because they would try pulling it off in reverse and it wouldn't move.
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    Hardware Smash Ultimate GC Controller - Backwards Compatability

    They are identical to late run gamecube controllers. Just because a small number of individuals (relative to total sales) report having a problem with their controllers doesn't mean Nintendo is manufacturing cheap gamecube controllers. I'm sure people had similar problems when the gamecube was...
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    Hardware How many hardware revisions does the Switch have?

    This is a bit of an old thread but I've seen an HAC-CPU-21 motherboard. It looks like most HAC-CPU-20 motherboards but some 20s have a chip soldered near the usb port and others (later) don't and may even have some missing at the back but I didn't see that. The 21 I've seen was in an...
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    Hardware [Rumor] Switch Pro incoming

    I never liked the idea of better versions of systems since it blurs the generations together and makes each step less noticeable. Slims and optimized models are always welcome. I would hate it if Nintendo were to release a newer version and make all the things many people want (gamecube/wii...
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    Hardware Mariko chip speculation

    The most I'd expect to see would be maybe a fanless "slim" style thing with maybe clock speeds always running in docked mode and with a 1080p screen thanks to a die shrink but it will probably be just a die shrink that greatly reduces or removes the need for active cooling. Probably not a more...
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    Hardware New ZL Circuit/Ribbon Cable Revision

    I wonder why they changed it. It seems like it's the same size so it can't really be a money saving technique.
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    Hardware New control stick revision?

    Maybe they switched manufacturer? I know that happened with the screen. What interests me is how there are those foam pieces inside the new joy-con. I thought they fixed that issue a while back. I saw the patents for a revised board and figured that would have been out by now, too. I guess the...
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    Hardware Is 480P Useful for anything!? O_O

    I really don't know why someone would play on a crt tv nowadays unless its with an older system. The only argument for them is no lag but a digital to analog converter will add lag so it defeats the purpose. Also the only crt tvs I know of that have hdmi inputs are hdcrt and they support 1080i...
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    Hardware How many hardware revisions does the Switch have?

    The Wii had a similar scheme (going by 10s). I guess it's just their style.
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    Hardware How many hardware revisions does the Switch have?

    The differences on the boards seem mostly around the power input leaving me to believe that Nintendo is slowly designing the Switch to be more compatible with non-Nintendo branded charging setups or to just be more efficient with handling power. I know a lot of early systems had a bug where when...
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    Hacking Switch Informations by serial number - READ THE FIRST POST before asking questions

    Not sure if the motherboard revision for the patched systems are marked. I've seen HAC-CPU-01, HAC-CPU-10, and HAC-CPU-20. The only changes were around the usb-c port (Improves stability with third party devices and power input?). Regardless, it would be nice to know the motherboard serial of...
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    Hacking Switch Informations by serial number - READ THE FIRST POST before asking questions

    Joe, do you mind taking a look at the back of your system and say what code it says (Not serial) but a code that starts with "Hac" And not the hac-001 code. Systems that end with "c0" have motherboards with the code "hac-cpu-01". Systems with the code ending in "c1" have the motherboard with...
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    Hardware Liquid Metal Cooling Nintendo Switch

    I just discovered this thread and I think you have a Switch with possibly the first new revision motherboard. (hac-cpu-10 vs hac-cpu-01). I'm not a super hardware guy or anything but these types of things interest me. I wonder if battery life is different with this version.
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