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    Hacking Wanting to learn to put cfw or sxos on my switch

    *snip* Everyone has to start somewhere man, don't be a douche. Though, this is the incorrect forum for this question. If a mod could move it, that'd be great. It's as Hayato said, the only option is to hardmod your Switch with the SX Core and you'll soon have a choice between using SXOS or...
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    Hacking Question HDD External for Sx OS compatibility ?

    On a related note, does anyone here have the same issue with SXOS not loading up the games (randomly) when selecting them through the Album from the ExtHDD. Sometimes (either from a fresh boot or switching between games) after selecting the game, I have to go back into the album and reselect the...
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    Dreamcast GDEMU from Aliexpress + Amazon

    It would be in your best interest to get the 5.15b board with the metal SD card tray (this is how to easily tell the difference between the 5.15 and 5.15b), as it’s confirmed to have fixed the crystal in the boards (5.5 and 5.15) to the correct one and supports DCHDMI properly. Also the 5.15b...
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    Can the firmware on the GDEMU 5.15b clone be updated?

    That's concerning. I wonder how he'll be able to differentiate between the clones and the original GDEMU at this point if the cloners already ended up using the all the same components on their cloned GDEMU boards. I read that he'll start using more obscure and more secure components in the...
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    Can the firmware on the GDEMU 5.15b clone be updated?

    Some buyers have confirmed that if the metal SD card tray, you guarantee yourself the correct and newer chipset on the GDEMU clones.
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    Nintendo possibly upgrading the CPU & storage in the original Switch model, according to report

    People shouldn’t compare this to the 3DS upgrade from Old 3DS to New 3DS, it’s more in line with the upgrades that PS3 and Xbox 360 received in a die size reduction and lower heat generation. Performance increases are possible if Nintendo takes advantage of the heat reduction and introduces...
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    Can the firmware on the GDEMU 5.15b clone be updated?

    Like I mentioned before in my original post, in the 5.15b revision, they have replaced that chip and crystal with the authentic ones from the original.
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    Can the firmware on the GDEMU 5.15b clone be updated?

    Some people online have noted that the crystal and chip from the previous clone iterations have been updated to match that of the original GDEMU in the 5.15b revision and believe that it should support firmware updates because of the matching hardware. Does anyone have any inputs/speculations on...
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    Can We Stop With The Name Calling Already ...

    I don't think you should perceive that your not having sexual interests in transgender people should incite anyone to call you homophobic on that basis alone. If you aren't interested in dating a gay man, they shouldn't call you out for being homophobic either. However, it can fit under the...
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    Can We Stop With The Name Calling Already ...

    I understand that you are trying to prove that you shouldn't be distinguished as a homophobic person as the definition is defined on many credible sources, but as it stands, you fit under the umbrella of the definition as defined by the current definition as it stands today since you mentioned...
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    Homebrew RELEASE PPSSPP Switch Beta Release

    Ah, thank you. For reference, go to 'Settings' -> 'Input' -> 'User 1 Binds' -> Change 'User 1 Device Type' to 'RetroPad w/ Analog' & Change 'User 1 Analog To Digital Type' to None I also went ahead and changed 'Analog Sensitivity' to 1.5 per the recommendation of a previous post, but I'm not...
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    Homebrew RELEASE PPSSPP Switch Beta Release

    Just installed the core, and trying KH BBS, and it seems like my controls for my left analog stick registers as both the D-Pad and Analog-stick (the command menu scrolls as I run up or down), is there any way to fix this? Looked at my input settings, and nothing seems to be off.
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    Hacking Question Can I use sx and atmosphere for games?

    I had the same crashing issues before. Do you load the HBMenu by Holding R on a XCI/NSP game (Not the album!) before loading RetroArch? After doing this, my RetroArch works perfectly (using the newest build supplied by M4 on his Twitter page). Also, I'm assuming you're on SXOS 2.6.1 where the...
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    Homebrew Question Sxos with the n64 core

    I never realized that! That did the trick! Though, I just used an XCI and it worked. To clarify for other users that see this post, the only step that changed was this, and it worked perfectly. I went back to the exFAT card, and it worked with the same steps. I haven't used that utility...
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