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    PS1/2 FreeDVDBoot - New PS2 exploit

    Found out about this on reddit and googled to find more info, not much out there yet but I saw this post. Wanted to just chime in and say my 70012 slim has the right DVD software (3.10), so I tried it out. This was SO easy. I've done the FDHB image for a fat, I've done the editing a game ISO...
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    Gaming Ps vita games that require touch screen

    There are plugins for all of these features needed on Vita only games. DS4vita, or DS3vita add tilt controls for PSTV users, there is also a way to swap front and back touch pad, so if the game uses the back touchpad, you can move it to the front (Which works with the DS4 touchpad using DS4vita...
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    Hacking [HELP] Issue bypassing the system firmware update message on psn.

    is it possible your system downloaded the update file between when you downgraded, and when you spoofed? this would put the update file in system storage and might still make the update message pop up. you should be able to click the menu in the top right corner of the home screen and delete any...
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    Hacking [Release] God of War Collection - Remastered Videos Mod

    Hate to bring back an older thread, but while looking into using this mod myself I found a few posts on reddit that mentioned a few issues with this mod. Megatallica did an awesome job with these modded videos, and after editing a few myself I have to say he likely spent many hours working on...
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    Hacking Accept new PS terms?

    Saw and accepted the terms on my PS4. on my Vita, when I try to log into netflix as of last night, it now says "cannot connect to server" so it won't log me into PSN, HOWEVER I can still watch and view videos on netflix. Really hope that doesn't change. As awfully slow as the GUI on Vita...
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    Hacking (HENkaku) Homebrew Request Thread

    I can here to request Movian to the vita, and sure enough, the very last post was requesting the same thing! Movian is an open source media player program that has been ported to PS3, Linux, Android, Mac, Raspberry pi, as well as a chrome App. It's been around for a few years, and is pretty...
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    Hacking Disable Auto-Dim on Ps Vita with registry editor and Henkaku

    just found this, trying it out now. that auto dim on metal gear cut scenes is KILLING me. the default values I had were - Dimming interval - 900 suspend interval - 600 I haven't checked to see if the suspend interval value changes based on the setting in the settings app, but it might?
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    ROM Hack [GB(C)] Injection with the New Generation of VC

    In this case, i'm glad to hear i didn't know what i was talking about. haha. I totally understand about the colors, i really did read all the pages. emulator writes a bunch of F values into banks 4-5 for some of the palettes. truth be told, i'm one who usually plays on my monochrome pocket so...
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    ROM Hack [GB(C)] Injection with the New Generation of VC

    Well after reading all 26 pages of this thread, i have to say i was pretty happy to see it so close to being done at the end. I know enough coding to make sense of things like the RBY VC patch files when i look at them, but not enough to actively change the coding like you have, so excuse me if...
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    Homebrew Post Homebrew ideas, suggestion, requests here

    One of my favorite (and still frequently used) features of the old PSP homebrew scene was "IRShell", or more specifically one if it's features. It had a IR remote control function so you can use the PSP as a remote control for TV/DVD/Sound system or just about anything that uses an IR remote...
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    Hacking pokemon cloning with gatway? needs 2 systems

    ah, i understand now. i wasn't aware until now that the save was written into the rom file. with the scene still figuring things out daily, and most forums posts i read being months old, i missed these save file editor programs. definitely the way to go. thanks. i still think my method would...
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    Hacking pokemon cloning with gatway? needs 2 systems

    DISCLAIMER! i've never tried this, and i'm fairly new to the 3ds flash cart thing too. i dont think this will mess up saves, but i'm not responsible if it does. i'm a big pokemon fan like many on here, and like some i have an interest in pokemon and item duplication. in previous gens, i've...
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    Hacking details about eshop/games with hardware mod?

    DRF - not really worried about getting caught, just curious how stuff reacts i guess. I was unaware that gateway's emunand could be injected onto regular nand, though i suppose it makes sense. are you saying i can inject my emunand, update to 8.0, and then use gateway without having to go...
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    Hacking details about eshop/games with hardware mod?

    Hello, not long ago got a 4.5 3ds and a gateway. My first 3ds. I've been enjoying it but i'm really missing eshop/online stuff. Looking into solutions (other than waiting for the gateway update) i read about the hardware mod, looked it up, and it sounds great. the work to do it myself is well...
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    DS #5267: Golden Sun: Dark Dawn (USA)

    So from what I've read, I take it that at this point, EDGE users need to wait for an upgrade or get a new card? I was hoping to wait a few weeks and someone would fix it, but that doesn't seem to be the case seeing as it works on almost everything else.
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