Hello Everyone,

Well where do I start?... Yes this is a pic of me [at 54yo].

Me 54.jpg

Yes, I live in Los Angeles. I love ♫ Heavy Metal, Hard Rock and Classic Rock ♫. I am laid back, witty and :wacko:. I am a Marine Corps, Navy and Merchant Marine veteran. Been almost All around the world. I'm guessing the next question would be "Sexual Orientation", which would be "Homosexual" [and Proud of it!]. Yes I've been married to a woman, but she died 3 months before our 10th anniversary.


I have also had 5 husbands [all of which I have outlived]. I lived with my 6th BF, though we are at odds.

My beast.jpg

Sadly, he passed about a year ago. I am also a victim of rape [x2].

I have now a 3rd PSP. This time a 3001, which I have hacked all by my wittle whonsome, LoL. My favorite games so far are Socom FTB's and MGSPW [which I have never finished]. Which helps in this time of the Covid and my Gay bars are closed Darn it!.

All of this at the Ripe age of 63 [at the time of this posting].

All just me...

On a Happier note, How are You doing?


AncientBoi :):shy::blush:

Now back to my :yaypsp:
May 4, 1957 (Age: 66)
Patio NaKeD w/COFFEE
United States
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