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    Hacking USB powered HDD 4tb for Wii & GC backups HELP! (Newbie here!)

    -snip- accidental double post.
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    Hacking USB powered HDD 4tb for Wii & GC backups HELP! (Newbie here!)

    Have you tried this tool? Before you format, make sure the drive is a single partition, without any hidden locked partitions using this tutorial:, or you could have...
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    Hardware Can I use other hardware to control my Xbox 360?

    If you just want to do basic stuff, you can use a universal remote to control the 360. Even a cheap one that comes with a cable box will probably work.
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    PS1/2 PS2 Controllers, bought 2 of them, both with the same problem! With pictures.

    Weird, haven't seen that before. Maybe long fingernails, habitually scratching it? Maybe a NASCAR game marathon race? I find lots of strange things with used systems and bundles.
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    Post your setup

    Aside from owning an NES as a kid, I've been almost exclusively a PC gamer for over 25 years. I enjoyed it for the most part, but knew I was missing an entirely different side to gaming. The FPS doesn't really bother me, there were many times in my history of gaming where I'd be playing PC games...
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    Post your setup

    NES Softmodded PS2 with 120GB HDD, 320GB PS3 slim, 250GB Xbox 360 S Games, knick knacks, 120GB Resident Evil Xbox 360 Elite and Halo controllers. This is my main gaming setup. Upstairs, unpictured, I have a WiiU Deluxe, and a softmodded Wii with 1TB HDD.
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    Gaming What graphics card should I buy?

    It also depends on what CPU you have, but unless you have at least a high end intel Dual Core or a AMD Quad, there is nothing that will run those types of games in your budget.
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    Electronic Cicuits That Integrate With Your Skin

    It's not integrated, it just can stick on like a temporary tattoo. Still has potential benefits though.
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    Apple Removing iphone info for AT&T?

    Can't you just remove the SIM?
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    Judge gets 28 years in prison

    Those in favor of the "war on drugs" that's going so fantastically well.
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    Apple Why do people hate iTunes?

    One major factor for me in Zune/Zune Software vs. Ipod/iTunes is wireless syncing. Very convenient.
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    Apple Why do people hate iTunes?

    A few problems include constant updates, installing lots of services, installing other Apple software like Safari during updates unless you opt out, lots of DRM music, and a music format that not all mp3 players can play in the store. As for myself, I just find the whole program very...
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    Are You iOS, Android Or A BlackBerry?

    If I had a smartphone, I'd get WP7, but I don't since I never leave the house. My wife has an Ipod Touch, but I didn't much like the interface, so I got a Zune HD.
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    Gaming Mac Vs. PC

    And games.
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