XP and Levelling Up


The GBAtemp Experience Points system was introduced in 2018 to playfully encourage members of the community to contribute to the site and forums in a helpful and constructive manner. Members that create useful, helpful, or more generally "good" content are rewarded with XP (eXperience Points). The list of events that allow a member to receive XP is detailed below. After reaching a certain amount of experience points, users will level up. The XP level is displayed on the member information page and next to each forum post. A leaderboard is available, showing the list of members ranked from highest number of XP to lowest. You can also access this page to find out where you stand in this list.

How do I get XP?

Members will be receiving a number of experience points upon triggering the following events. Please note that this list may be changed at any time by the staff without prior notice.

Event XP Description
Welcome to GBAtemp +1 All new users registering on GBAtemp will receive +1 XP. Welcome to GBAtemp!
Daily activity +1 You will receive +1 XP daily simply for visiting the site. Hang out often to level up fast!
Your post was 'liked' +1 You are awarded +1 XP whenever someone likes a message you posted. This will only apply on forums, but not in the EOF forum.
Posting a thread on the forums +5 When you post a thread in the forums (50 characters minimum). This will only apply on forums, but not in the EOF forum.
Article promoted to front page +10 When you post a properly formated thread in the User Submitted News area and it is promoted to the front page, you gain +10 XP.
Happy birthday! +10 You will receive +10 XP on your birthday every year. Happy birthday!
Thread viewed 1,000 times +10 If a thread you created receives 1,000 views you will get a nice +10 XP bonus. The bonus is not repeated each 1,000 views.
Thread viewed 10,000 times +25 If a thread you created receives 10,000 views you will get a nice +25 XP bonus. The bonus is not repeated each 10,000 views.
Thread viewed 100,000 times +100 If a thread you created receives 100,000 views you will get a nice +100 XP bonus. The bonus is not repeated each 100,000 views.
Thread viewed 1,000,000 times +500 If a thread you created receives 1,000,000 views you will get a nice +500 XP bonus. The bonus is not repeated each 1,000,000 views.
Warning -XX When you receive a warning, moderators may apply a penalty. Behave!
Suspensions and bans -∞ If you get suspended or banned, you take the risk of having your XP split in half, or even reset to 0. You'd better behave!
Important note: most of these actions can be reverted. If someone accidentally clicked 'Like' on your post therefore granting you a +1 XP bonus, this bonus point will be automatically removed if the user clicks 'Unlike'. If your post was marked as 'best answer' in GBAtemp Ask, but then a moderator selects another best answer, the +5 XP gain for the original answer will be lost. Same goes for almost every event.

Are there any advantages to reaching higher levels?

Aside from the sheer pride of being a helpful member of the community, we may occasionally offer rewards to important contributors. Events may be organized during which prizes will be awarded to highest XP earners over a specific time period. To learn more about these events, make sure to check out our home page on a daily basis!

What if someone finds a way to cheat the system?

All attempts to cheat the system will result in points being deducted. Warning points will be given, and a suspension may also be applied, potentially resetting the XP to 0.

When will I level up next?

To find your ranking, level, and number of points required to level up, open this page and click on the 'My ranking' button. You can also get the same information by opening up the overlay icon bar at the top right of the browser window. The full list of XP levels can be found below. When you reach a new level, you will receive an alert.

Level From XP To XP
Level 1 0 100
Level 2 100 220
Level 3 220 363
Level 4 363 533
Level 5 533 733
Level 6 733 967
Level 7 967 1240
Level 8 1240 1556
Level 9 1556 1920
Level 10 1920 2336
Level 11 2336 2809
Level 12 2809 3343
Level 13 3343 3943
Level 14 3943 4613
Level 15 4613 5356
Level 16 5356 6175
Level 17 6175 7072
Level 18 7072 8048
Level 19 8048 9103
Level 20 9103 10236
Level 21 10236 11445
Level 22 11445 12727
Level 23 12727 14077
Level 24 14077 15489
Level 25 15489 16956
Level 26 16956 18470
Level 27 18470 20022
Level 28 20022 21602
Level 29 21602 23199
Level 30 23199 24802
Level ...? ? ?
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