Thread Access Lists are a unique feature of that allow multiple members to collaborate by allowing them to edit the first post of a thread.

In order to use this feature, the person who started a thread can add one or more members to the access list of any thread they created.
This can be done by clicking the "Manage Access List" link on the top right.

Upon clicking this link, the following popup will be presented:

By default, the access list of the thread will be empty. To add a member to the list, enter their username in the provided box and click Add User.
Their username will appear on the access list of the thread:

You may remove the user from the access list of the thread at any time.

Extended Access Levels

Users with permission, such as site moderators, will be able to add members to the access list with additional access levels.
These access levels are:
  • Locked - The thread will essentially act as if it were locked for that user alone. They can not edit posts or reply.
  • Moderate - This access level gives more extended editing rights over the thread. Following rights are given:
    • Edit ALL posts in the thread
    • Edit the thread title
    • Add or edit the thread poll
    • Lock and unlock the thread
    • Reply to the thread while locked
    • Soft Delete any post other than the first post

If the user has permission to manage the "locked" and/or "moderate" levels, dropdown lists are provided to select the desired level.
It is also possible to edit the access level of the members already on the list:

Members who can manage the access list but not the "locked" and/or "moderate" levels will still see these members on the list, but may not edit them: