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This is a skin that I made myself with photoshop using a few HD wallpapers i had lying around on my hard drive. Because of the lack of YSmenu skins (i virtually found next to none) i decided to put matters into my own hands :yayds: I don't know if others will like this, but i personally like it a lot. Enjoy!Instructions: 1. Extract the files onto your hard drive. 2. Copy YSmenu1.bmp and YSmenu2.bmp into the TTMenu folder on your microSD card.3. Open YSMenu.ini (this is in the TTMenu folder)4. Change the part under [FILELIST] and [FILEINFO] so it looks like this:[FILELIST]; COLOR = BIT15 | BGR(5bit x3)COLOR_PATH=0xFFFFCOLOR_FILE=0xFFFFCOLOR_FOLDER=0xFFFFCOLOR_SELECT=0xE733COLOR_SELTEXT=0x98C6[FILEINFO]COLOR_TEXT=0xFFFFDRAW_FRAME=falseAlternatively just change the values manually according to this. Doing this changes the text colours etc, because the theme is mainly dark. Plus, it looks way better like this :lol: Apart from that, just don't distribute it without giving credit to me =]--denieru7

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